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Discussion in 'Rules Questions' started by Gryphonclaw, Apr 4, 2000.

  1. Gryphonclaw New Member

    1st question: Yes. The Dreadnought requirement refers to the creatures current power, not it's base power.

    2nd question: Any card you play other than any land, is a spell until it resolves, this includes creatures, artifacts, artifact creatures, and 0cc artifacts and spells, as well as cards you play with paying casting cost.
    On the other hand, a card (spell) cannot be countered if it is played with a "bring this card into play" effect such as quicksilver amulet, academy rector, etc.
  2. Cheewok22 New Member

    Phyrexian Dreadnought requires you to sacrifice any amount of creatures that with combined power equals 12. What if you pump up a creature, like a shade, to 12/13, sacrifice it and put Dreadnought in, is that possible??

    What is the definition of a spell? The card "Gloom" says " All white spells cost an additional 3 and all enchantments cost an additional 3"(so enchantments aren't spells?). My friend has a counterspell deck and he always wins with it and I was wondering exactly what spells are.
  3. Griffith_se Guest

    First question is yes I think, but I'm not sure about the timing. I think you'd have to pump first and then cast Dreadnought.

    I can't remember where I read it, but I'm pretty sure everything is a spell until it's successfully cast (with the execption of lands. thats why you don't cast them)
  4. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I believe Gloom refers to the ACTIVATION COST of white enchantments, ie: COP's, and it means that they cost more to cast AND to use, and you gotta pay the extra mana every time you use it!

    It's a great sideboard card for black. :D

    CPA Member
  5. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    You can pump the shade before playing the Dreadnought, in response to playing the Dreadnought, or in response to its "if it would come into play" replacement trigger (yes, it's a triggered replacement ability) going onto the stack. As long as you have 12 power of creatures when the ability resolves, you will be okay.
  6. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Oops, forgot the 2nd one.
    A card is only a spell while it's on the stack (specifically, having been played from your hand (or, "as if" it were in your hand) by paying its cost(s), from the moment of announcement until it is resolved or countered). If the card is being brought into play by any other means (even from your hand, like by Show and Tell, Academy Researchers, etc) it is not a spell, just a card.

    Gloom affects white spells and activated abilties of white enchantments. Playing a white enchantment from your hand will not cost 6 and bringing a white enchantment into play in any way other than casting it will not cost extra at all.
  7. TomB Administrative Assistant

    True, I wasn't thinking of alternative methods of bringing in a white enchantment. Show and Tell would be a good way to get around it and bring in an expensive anti-black enchantment, like Karma.

    But playing a white enchantment from your hand normally, as a spell, WILL cost the extra 3, won't it? And then, for every activation, like with a COP, an extra 3 each time too.

    That's what I meant. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

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  8. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Yes it costs the extra 3, but not twice. I only mentioned that to keep it from being asked later on by someone who might have thought that it would cost 3 since it's a spell and 3 more since it's also an enchantment (which it's not, yet).

    Sorry I wasn't clearer there... I have a tendency to overcomplicate things in my efforts to "cover all the bases." ;)

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