Control deck for new type two

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  1. Mongoose Man Gnome of Doom

    Yes the beats decks are running rampant these days in the new type two but I think there is still a good way to play control strategies. The best way IMHO to play control in the new type two is to play a B/U/G deck of some sort, i'm not sure if there is a good one out right now so i'm just gonna post one that I think would work pretty well and has worked well so far against some of my friends and other players in my area.
    Okey here's the list
    3 - Memory Lapse
    4 - Pernicious Deed
    4 - Shadowmage Infiltrator
    4 - Mystic Snake
    4 - Syncopate
    4 - Repulse
    4 - Counterspell
    4 - FoF
    3 - Call of the Herd
    3 - Spiritmonger
    4 - Yavimaya Coast
    2 - Llanowar Wastes
    3 - City of Brass
    6 - Island
    5 - Forest
    4 - Swamp

    Okey this deck works by gaining board control w/ deeds and repulse and countering stuff and beating w/ mongers, snakes, finkles, and elephants... Questions?

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