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  1. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    I've been thinking that a conspiracy deck would be a cool deck to play, but not neccessarly a good one. I orginally made it classic, MM, and Nemesis, but it didn't turn out so good- check it out.

    4 elvish poacher
    4 harvest mage
    4 tidal kracken
    4 delrich
    4 Birds of paradise

    3 conspiracy
    2 overlaid terrain
    3 belbe's portal

    4 v tutors
    4 dark ritual
    4 enlightened tutor

    land- 24
    4 hickory woodlot
    4 peat bog
    4 remote farmm
    8 forest
    4 swamp

    This was the orginal version. Understand, this was quickly scrapped togther while in study hall. I've recently been thinking it could be used in type 2, and here's the version now.


    4 Academy Rectors
    4 Elvish poachers
    4 Birds of paradise
    4 delrich
    4 tidal kraken

    3 conspiracy
    3 belbe's portal
    2 overlaid terrain

    3 vampiric tutors
    4 elightened tutors
    3 dark ritual

    3 city of brass
    3 thran quarry
    3 phyrexian tower
    5 forest
    4 plains
    2 swamp

    The main problem I have is that it is 3 colors. I also think i am missing some good cards to put in, and there are probably better kill cards. Any comments/questions/suggestions would be appreciated, LMK what you think
  2. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    If you plan on using overlaid terrain, Planar rebirth mihgt not be out of order. If you don't care about price (hey, it can happen!) then get undiscovered paradise, because alot of the starting spells in there are one mana. My biggest on-sight problem was the lack of a kill-card(s). Rhox or thorny make nice additions.
    You have 11 cards that search through your deck, and 8 of them bring back only enchantements. Meanwhile, you only have a total of 5 enchantments, that seems a little screwy to me. I't seems like you can get a lot of mana in this deck. Throw in some undiscovered paradises, some reflecting pools (if you don't mind going broke) and splash in blue for accumulated knowledge and soothsaying.
  3. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    The reason i have 8 spells that search for enchantments is because if i don't get out conspiracy, I'm screwed. Once i get that out, I can get out creatures, with the poacher, portal and the v tutor. But i must get out the conspiracy.

    I've been having same problem with the deck, I really want to put in all five colors. I could do it, and i've gotten it to work pretty efficiently, but it's WAY too slow for the current enviroment. I guess i'll put this on the backburner untill urza block rotates out. Sigh....
  4. Ophidian New Member

    I was thinking about using conspiracies with zombies.

    3x conspiricy (sp)
    2x zombie master
    3x delraich
    4x royal assassin
    2x hell's caretaker
    3x demonic tutor
    3x evil presence
    4x dark ritual
    4x hypnotic specter
    3x nether shadow

    2x lake of the dead
    13-15 swamps

    I didn't build this deck because I didn't think it would be fast enough to win any games, but the ability to regenerate any creature you have on the table for one black is nice. If anybody can think of a way to make this deck faster, let me know
  5. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Umm, you mean Vampiric Tutor, don't you? :)

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  6. Gryphonclaw New Member

    How about a varient? Say just green/black featuring massive numbers of tokens, (hermit/autocrat), caller of the hunt, (that */* where * is # creatures of 1 type) and some fast mana?

    This would benefit from the tutors (worldly+vampiric), fast mana, general destruction, fatties. What do you think?

    Tentative decklist:

    Creatures: 23
    3 Caller of the hunt
    2 Deranged hermit
    2 Beast of burden
    2 Sengir Autocrat
    3 Delraich
    4 Llanowar elves
    3 Priestess of Titania
    4 Birds of Paradise

    Spells: 17
    4 Worldly tutors
    3 Vampiric tutors
    3 Conspiracy
    3 Pattern of Rebirth
    2 Grim Monolith (Is that allowed?)
    2 Collective Unconscious

    3 Gaea cradle
    9 Forest
    1 Sickory woodlot
    6 Swamps
    1 Peat bog

    Now this was made just off the top of my head so it's pretty crude.

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