Discussion in 'Testing Forum' started by The Magic Jackal, Apr 19, 2000.

  1. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    The colors don\'t seem to be working, :( also, half of the similies are just boxes w/ and X in the middle
  2. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Yo, Ed! Not bad, not bad at all, say I. Quite nice, in fact. Jackal is right, the smilies code has a problem somewhere...

    I really like the fact that we\'re fullscreen, now. My (REALLY HUGE) screen resolution had the old boards (and page, but that\'s less important) as a 4-inch-wide thing in the center of my screen. :) Cute, but not overly readable. This is nice.

    \"And thank the Lord he didn\'t go Dojo and change all the colors!\"
  3. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    *Moaning, reaches for eyes in great pain*

    The page saying \'thank you for posting\' needs to have a BLACK background, thank you very much... The white is _shockingly_ bright after staring at this for a long time... :)

    (Oh, and is there a way to make the \'email notification\' thingy not automatically checked?)

    \"Complain, complain, complain...\"
  4. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    I found another problem. Some of the posts seem to have gotten switched around. I\'m sure it\'s just a problem that occured when you transferred them from the old system, but it might be something to look into. One of them that i caught was Tom B\'s article in cpa issues. My first post is below my second. It might have moved due to Dune Echo editing it, I don\'t know. The post by almindhra has switched her last post with my last post. I replied, then she said \"amen sista\", not the other way around. Just thought I\'d let you know.
  5. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    yup, as I said, a lot of stuff it still f\'ed up.

    Jackal - Yeah I know colors are screwed. I dunno if I\'ll be able to get them back easily.

    Zadok - I\'ll change that when I find the template for it. Also, to everyone else too, EDIT YOUR PROFILE!!. There are a BUNCH of new features there.
  6. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    This is red.
    This is not.
    Chartreuse is cool...

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