Cards of Destruction

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  1. Mefta16 Ocasional Wierdo

    Here's some cards that involve destroying other cards.

    Natural Disaters, XRRRGGG, Instant, Reinvention, Rare
    Destroy X target permanents you don't control, then sacrifce half of X permants you control
    "Nature many weapons stronger than magic at her disposol." Pandin

    Giant Block, 3, Artifact, Rare
    6, Sacrifice Giant Block: Selects two permanents in play. The controller(s) of those permanents sacrifices them. Regeneration 2 (2, regnerate Giant Dictionary)
    "I heard that, that block was a book sorounded in cement." Tudo

    Last Master of a Dying Art, 4, Artifact Creature 1/3, Rare
    4, T, Sacrifice Last Master of a Dying Art: Destroy target nonland permanent in play.

    I hope you like them.:p

    I have edited the cards based upon what SeFRo and 13NoVa said. Plus I forgot to give Last Master his power and toughness.
  2. 13NoVa The Ruins That We Hold

    Natural Disater,
    Destroy two target permanents in play. then Destroy target permanent you control. Storm (Copy this spell for each spell played before it this turn. You may select new targets for the copies.)

    Green is WAY to quick with elves, to have no negative drawbacks. you need to pay only one R with the original version. my version ups the cost to 8, using THREE colored mana of each, and also takes 1 permanent of yours for each 2 destroyed. I think it's balanced, expecially when you can play all the 0cc arts to make this thing abusive.

    neverending dictionary 5
    10, Sacrifice neverending Dictionary: Remove all permanents in play, From the game

    At 7,862,345 pages it doesn't crush almost anything, it crushes EVERYTHING

    total cost of 15 isn't bad for an artifact reset all effect, that gets by the (soon to be) new "indistructable" effects.
    and it's 15 GENERIC!

    Last Master of a Dying Art 4
    Artifact Creature
    Last Master of a Dying Art is indestructable ("Destroy" effects and lethal damage don't destroy it.)
    4, T, Sacrifice Last Master of a Dying Art: Destroy target nonland permanent in play.

    just made it Destroy target nonland, because i couldn't change this one at all... lol
  3. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    Natural disaster's bump in casting cost was definitely the way to go, though maybe a little too costly now. However, much more fair than before.

    The dictionary thing just seems off kilter from the flavor perspective. Why would an info resource kill stuff rather than net you card draws? And why in the world did it have regeneration???

    The Master is pretty cool, though the nonland thing is justified. However, it seems odd he is indestructable. Makes little sense, like it may have been thrown on just because it's a new ability.

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