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    I should start this by letting you know that I am willfully trying to expand my gaming horizon by playing and experiencing non-collectable games such as the ones I've listed already. This past Saturday I spent an entire day (2 pm to midnight) playing lots of non-magic games (although I did manage to get in two or three duels of MTG between other games). This was the first game
    I played on Saturday and it was a blast. The folks I was playing with called it a great "entry level" game:

    Once again, here's a summary of Carcassonne from


    In this fairly light tile-laying offering, players pull a tile from the pool and then place it against one of the previously played tiles. If you create a new object (like a city or a road or a farm), then you can place one of your control markers on the tile to denote your control. As subsequent tiles are arrayed on the board, objects get bigger or even merge. Once certain objects are completed, like roads and cities, then you score the points and the control marker is returned to you. However, it's possible to have all of your control markers locked on the board on incomplete objects. The goal is to have the most points at the end, which can be tricky to control considering your choice for each turn isn't the tile itself, but rather the placement of the tile that you drew. Think of a more strategic version of Metro's tile placement, with some of the scoring methods from El Caballero or even the Very Clever Pipe game.

    The 2003 limited edition package contains the original Carcassonne game, as well as three expansions: "The River", "Inns & Cathedrals", and "Traders & Builders".

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