Blue control needs help

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by sorcerer, May 23, 2000.

  1. sorcerer New Member

    My blue control deck is pretty good but needs some work. I can get a maximum of one more morphling and I don't want to add another color or masticores. I do want it to be type two legal though. THANKS!

    18 island
    3 saprazan skerry
    2 fearie conclave

    1 Morphling
    2 Anthroplasm
    3 cloud of faeries
    3 spire owl
    2 peregrine drake
    1 aura thief

    4 counterspell
    1 thwart
    2 energy feild
    3 treachery
    2 confiscate
    3or4 boomerang
    3 hoodwink
    2 snap
    2 telepathy
    2 dominate
    1 mana short
    1 second chance

    3 energy flux
    3 highseas
    2 saprazan legate
    1 chill
    2 ensnare
    2 misstep

    As you can see the main deck needs some work and the sideboard isn't finished. I plan to get more thwart and a chill for the sideboard. Tell me what ya think.

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