Blastoderm can be enchanted...

Discussion in 'Rules Questions' started by jcredberry, Dec 21, 2000.

  1. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    oh no, but surely there is a more bizzare and obntuse rulnig that relates!

    Honestly, I'm surprised nobody has brought up Sheldon Mennery's (flawed) idea for abusing saporling burst.
  2. Darth Dunk New Member

    State-based effects, like everything else, cannot happen during the resolution of anything. Since the enchantment is put onto the knight as part of Animate Dead's resolution, it is not removed until after it is done resolving. It will then immediately drop off and the knight will die.
  3. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    It was never an issue of state-based effects.

    It was an issue of whether the White Knight could be enchanted in the first place, since in all other instances of enchanting something (like Enhantment Alteration, which this thread was about in the first place) you can't put enchantmemts on something if the enchantee will be illegal.

    The logic was that, since the White Knight could not be enchanted by Animate Dead (since it changes into an enchant creature while it's in play) then Animate Dead's leaves-[play trigger could not affect the White Knight, since it was never the "enchanted creature" in the first place.

    So, forget everything you "know" about state-based effects and protection as it relates to this case, this is an exception to the rules, supposedly provided for on the card itself.

    Now please, no more about this icky situation... :rolleyes:
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Not to bring up a slightly buried subject :rolleyes:, but when I was first reading the topic it struck me that one could argue using older cards (Revised and earlier) on Blasto because they don't say target either (in most cases). So I'm here to say :) check the current wordings/errata on the cards to see if they gained the "target" to be consistent with the current rules.
  5. Draconis New Member

    I think a little more explanation will clear this up.

    Let's say you wanted to cast Rancor on your creature.
    You tap your mana, and the *spell*, Rancor, goes onto the stack, targeting the creature. When the *spell* resolves, it becomes an enchantment attached to the creature.

    There is a separate ability, found, I think on Anti-Magic Aura (at least) that says "cannot be the target of enchantments."

    But you can't target a Blastoderm with the Rancor, because you wouldn't be able to cast Rancor, and put it on the stack targeting Blastoderm.

    If you use Replenish or Academy Rector, the Rancor would go from being a *card* in your graveyard, to an *enchantment* targeting Blastoderm, without ever being a *spell*, thus circumventing the "cannot be the target of spells or abilities" text.

    As already stated, Crown of the Ages and Enchantment Alteration only ever target the *enchantment*, and the enchantment itself does not become a *spell* again at any point during the transfer...

    Hopefully that should clear everything up?
  6. Draconis New Member


    Feeling sheepish, after I posted, and the second page of discussion about a completely different topic materialised before my eyes...

    So, I've just resurrected a happily deceased thread, and I apologise unreservedly :)
  7. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Anti-Magic Aura only prevents targeting by spells.
    It does, however, destroy any echantments already on the creature as a CIP ability.

    I also want to nitpick your use of the phrase "*enchantment* targeting." What you meant was "*enchantment* enchanting."
    The enchantment doesn't target at all, and misusing the word "target" is what's causing so much confusion, I think.
  8. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman


    Rancor is cast as a spell, targeting a creature.
    It then becomes an enchantment ENCHANTING a creature.

    If it's brought into play, it is never a spell, and therefore doesn't target, simply enchants.

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