Belbe, Phyrexian Emissary

Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by NorrYtt, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. NorrYtt Casual Green Mage

    I'm really mad that they didn't print a Legend card for Belbe, my favorite character from the Nemesis novel.

    Here's a card I made that I feel 'fits' her (click on her name for a great picture card I made):

    Belbe, Phyrexian Emissary 3BB
    Creature - Elf Legend

    Fading 4

    When Belbe comes into play, sacrifice an Elf.
    Belbe is unblockable and cannot be the target of white spells or abilities.

    BG: Regenerate Belbe.

  2. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I as well, always thought a card for belbe would be awesome, I was very disapointed not to see one. My take on belbe would be more like this:

    Belbe, Phyrexian Ambassador
    Creature - Elf Phyrexian Legend
    First strike
    Whenever Belbe is the target of a spell or ability your oppenent controls, you may discard a card. if you do, counter that spell or ability.

    She's 2B as opposed to 1BB, because I wanted to make it a better card (Shes not too bad, but she could be better) and she's not that dedicated to the phyrexians. She's going to traightor. She obviiusly counts as both a Phyrexian and Elf because shes both. I debated if she should just be a legend, or have all three types. *shrugs* Whatever. Next, she has first strike because she's really frickin' fast, and she has the second ability just to illustrate again, how fast she truly is. Like, she can run faster than flowstone can form, thats really fast. Her p/t is 1/3 because I didnt want Crovax to kill her in a fight, and she shouldnt be able to kill him.

    *shrugs* I dont know, I love the actual card you made. That dante's program is pretty sweet!

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