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I'm afraid I can't think of a better way to do this, so this is my only resort - Some people have gone through bad trades on the CPA, I know. That's a Very Bad Thing(tm), and it needs to be fixed. On that basis, I'm going to post on this thread the names of any people accused of being bad traders. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT NESSESARILY GUILTY. They are accused, but I must leave it to the good judgement of everyone else here as to whether or not they really did anything wrong.

If you have experienced a bad trade, PM or ICQ me (45763600 - I'm always invisible or gone, but if you ICQ me, I'll take the appropriate action) with the name of the trader, and why you think they are a bad trader. I will post that information here. Also, include links to threads where trades were agreed upon, and I'll post the link as well.

I hope I'll never have to edit this thread to add posts.

Thread locked and Stickied so it will remain available to users.

[Updated: Magicmanmoe added.]

[Updated: Second report against Riva added. This will be brought up with other admins.]


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Bad Trade Report From: Darkstar
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Riva Iron-Grip has recently returned to these boards. He has two bad trader warnings above, as well as a report from Istanbul (who told him to send first, and never recieved the cards). This is a warning to all traders: Unless you have good reason to trust him, do NOT trade with Riva Iron-Grip. This post will be removed pending information from Riva.

Riva's address is above. It may be wise to check all trading addresses against that one, to be sure.

And as a reminder, if you get ripped on these boards, inform me ASAP.
ok i tried to contact zaddok but i dont thiink that i got a hold of him so ill try this and maybe spidey can do something. i worked out a trade with blazingscepter who was new around april 25 or so and he hasnt been on sinse. however, we worked out a trade through email off of my post and he said that he sent april 29. i sent around then too. now, i havnt gotten my cards and its been about 2 and a half weeks. also i have emailed him and gotten no reply 3 times. is there anyhting you guys can do cause it was a pretty important trade...


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I'll see what I can do, although to be honest it looks bad if this guy joined 4/25 and hasn't been on since. Perhaps Isty can also take a look since he's more experienced with trading than I am?


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I'm not saying what is or isn't, but...this sounds like a classic rip-off scenario to me. Go somewhere where nobody knows you, find someone who'll take a chance on you, get him to send his cards, then disappear and stop all contact.

This is why I ask anyone I trade with for references, whether MOTL, eBay, or otherwise...and if they don't have them, I ask them to send first. (And if someone DOES come up with references, I CHECK THEM. That's the whole point of refs!) It's all too easy to say "let's simulsend" and then never send a thing.


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Its been over a year and im still waiting on Magic Man Moes cards! They should be here sometime next week... :D