AOL instant messenger?

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by FoundationOfRancor, Mar 26, 2000.

  1. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Hey! I was just wondering if any of you have aol instant messenger. I got ICQ but I cant figure out how it works so Im stiking to IM. My screen name is RancorDragon.
  2. Wizard2000 New Member

    I wish they would make ONE instant messenger program. If I wanted to talk to all my e-friends I'd be running MSN, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, etc....

    Let's all stick to ICQ if possible. If you need help using it just ask here and I am sure I can help ya.
  3. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I'm currently on AOL (still waiting on my cable provider to get their ISP up :( ). My screen name is TomB11061. Post me a message sometime when I'm online, and I'd be happy to try and talk you through the ICQ process, though I have to admit I'm pretty new at it too. I'll put you on my Buddy list - you do the same with me and we'll try to get together that way.

    CPA Member
  4. Wizard2000 New Member

    Ok... let's all start using AOL IM then. :)

    I'll download it later and see what I can do with it.

  5. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    AOL is the very Devil!
  6. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I know. I hate it. But it came free with my computer for 3 months, so I thought 'What the Hell'. My cable provider promised their ISP would be online by mid-January, but it's no luck so far, and now I'll have to start PAYING for the AOL access. My phone lines (apparently) are too old for most of the other dial-in ISP's, and I'm not putting in a new phone line until I've given up on the cable thing altogether, so it looks like I'm stuck with it for now.


    Oh, and Wizard2000? I just thought I might be able to help him get his ICQ working, and I don't think having multiple ways to get a hold of one another is a bad thing.

    CPA Member
  7. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Wizard: If you like Microsoft (and MSN) you can blame AOL for a part of that "non compatible" messaging. MSN tried to hook into AOL's system but they said no way... probably because they have most of the market right now.
  8. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    All I know is that I have a cable modem and I can use IM fine. I just went to and downloaded the messenger program. My dad has this michnet program and it seems to workfine on his. Thanks tomb, cant wait to talk to ya. I am so comper illiterate, i cant even get ICQ to work :)
  9. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    My aol sn is jvjackal. I'm always up for a good chat if anyone is interested
  10. theorgg Slob

    no way in the pits of Tartarus I would attempt AOHELL's messanger again.

    bathtubs! ICQ is the only messanger program I'm going to use.

    Just mess around with it. eventually you'll figure it out.
  11. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    Well, since this conversation is going, I just wanted to know who out there does have ICQ. I'm an ICQ user, (#21650041) and I just wanted to know how many other magic players are too.
  12. arhar Member

    My ICQ is 6268181 (and now, I didn't skip one number.. it just shows that I've been on ICQ for a looooooong time ;) ) ... I once talked to a person with ICQ number 3!!!
  13. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Bathtubs? :D

    My ICQ number is 60577320. I'm usually not on until after midnight, Chicago time, so I'm sometimes hard to get a hold of. I'd be happy to add any of you to my contact list though, so if you're up late give me a holler.

    CPA Member
  14. theorgg Slob


    ever played Eternal Champions for sega CD?

    the circus girl's taunt sounded like "bathtub"; however, it wasn't EXACTLY bathtub. more like bath turd...

    or somthing...
  15. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Nope, but I'll take your word for it!

    lol :D

    CPA Member
  16. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    ICQ # 42242567 if you must know...
    and AOL is the very Devil!
  17. Wizard New Member

    ICQ# 3445633 and AOL is only a minor daemon Bill Gates is the true devil.

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