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Aether Rift + Darksteel Colossus..ooh yea Madness too..


Reverend Love

Aether Rift, oooh Aether Rift. How many times have I longing gazed at you and thought:

Some day..yes some Day I'm going to pull some reeeally cheesy stuff off with you.
I think that day has finally arrived, with Darksteel Colossus holding the banner of cheese! After all who in their right mind would let a 11/11 Trampling Indestructible creature come directly into play!? No they'll take that 5 points of damage..over..and over.

Aether Rift:

The main component of the deck churns out creatures and madness spells every round. The madness creatures work great with Aether Rift. Will they eat five then allow me to simply play it’s madness cost? Or do I simply get a free creature this upkeep? Freebie ..yea I think so too :)


Ooh it's so beautiful! Madness, Incarnations, High CC Creatures so much pain and suffering!

Activate Pyromancy..ooh look I discard Arrogant Wurm! You'll take the five? GREAT! Now I'll play his madness cost. Isn't this great! No...well who cares what you think anyways..

The bread and butter, clean up hitter..Darksteel Colossus. Whether he's doing 5 to some fools dome through Aether Rift or 11 by use of Pyromancy. Some how some way he's sure to cause serious amounts of grief. If he gets into play...even better.

Green's Madness creatures of Arrogant Wurm and Basking Rootwalla have a leading role in this deck as well. Their synergy with Aether Rift and Pyromancy is nuts.

The two Incarnations of Genesis and Anger will be featured. They’re really appearing for role support. Haste and recursion in multiplayer is geewd!

I also decided to splash a little of U/G's staple Wild Mongrel here too. Now that the tide of madness netdecks have washed over I feel it's safe enough to have him enter the fray without cries of "NETDECKER!" bewailing his arrival.

Birds of Paradise, reason: Cause.

Now here's where I need a little help from yoos guys. The original idea was to throw in a single Krosan Cloudscraper because..

1. He sucks and no one uses him..thus adding +10 to his Reverend Love's attraction meter.

2. Who's crazy enough to allow me to play a 4h turn 13/13 via Aether Rift. (answer the guy with drudge skeletons.. :( )

3. Pyromancy...10 points of love using Kong Lord Justice Cloudscraper here.

Problem is he's a chump magnet. Any sane player will happily sacrifice their Horrible Hordes, Dancing Scimitar or whatever clown they're playing rather then feel Cloudscraper's 13 point love tap.

Sooo I thought about Living Hive instead. He's beastly (no 13/13 however), fairly expensive, makes insects (I love 1/1 tokens) AND more importantly...he tramples...eeh I don't know.

Any suggestions? I need an expensive Red, Green or Artifact Creature that preferably tramples...Train this should be right up your alley.


An all time-maligned favorite of mine is Surge of Strength. The poor man's Berserk. He's also a beaut when combined with graveyard/discard reliant cards. It's also old..that's a plus.

Violent Eruption, Fiery Temper..more Madness mania! Can't wait to discard one of these puppies to Pyromancy!


Mainly some splashed card drawing. Sylvan Library's a proven producer along with Scroll Rack. Liar's Pendulum is receiving a trial by fire. There's really no way to test this card's potential until played.

Land: 23 of'em. Added the pain land in attempt to smooth out the high double and triple colored mana costs.


Main Cards: 6
4 Aether Rift
2 Pyromancy

Creatures: 21
4 Darksteel Colossus
3 Arrogant Wurm
4 Basking Rootwalla
2 Anger
2 Wild Mongrel
1 Genesis
4 Birds of Paradise

Spells: 7
2 Surge of Strength
4 Fiery Temper
1 Violent Eruption

Goodies: 3
1 Liar’s Pendulum
1 Sylvan Library
1 Scroll Rack

Land: 23
4 Taiga
4 Karpulsan Forest
8 Forest
7 Mountain

So watcha guys think?


That's just wrong...

I like it...

Only thing I'd look at is the Forgotten Ancient...:D