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    I borrowed this puzzle from the MTGNews.com boards, so if you have already read it over there, please do not answer. Let the others debate over it.

    Feel free to post, but I encourage you to vote first so you have to solve the puzzle on your own. Here's the situation.

    In play, you have a Forest, a Plains, and a Taiga. You also have a Natural Emergence in play. Your opponent has a Grizzly Bears and a Dream Thrush in play. He has one untapped Forest. His other lands are tapped.

    You declare an attack with your Plains. He blocks with the Grizzly Bears. You pass priority and your opponent plays a Giant Growth targeting the Grizzly Bears. You allow it to resolve, then you play a Gaea's Might targeting your Plains. You both pass and the Gaea's Might resolves. You pass again and your opponent then plays the Dream Thrush's ability targeting the Plains. You both pass and the Dream Thrush ability resolves. You both pass and then combat damage goes on the stack. How does the combat end?

    (- Steve -)

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