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Ok, does anyone know what the next sets are gonna be? I know Invasion is next, but does any1 know any of the following. Or what the next block(after Invasion) is gonna be about?


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Well, I can't provide all the information that you are looking for right this second, but I do have some news.

In one of my Mags at home (I believe Top Deck) they have an article titled "The Future of Magic". Basically it goes over some of the details of the next 2 years worth of Magic Expansions.

It doesn't give you a boat load of info, but they do tell you who the main set designers were, and I think Richard Garfield is working on 3 sets, Buehler 4 or 5.

WOTC is very excited about how the sets are headed, and I was excited after reading the article. However, you also have to keep in mind that they are just promoting their own product so its very subjective. Just think about the big deal Pepsi made when they were coming out with Crystal Pepsi. Yeah, that went over well.

As soon as I find the article, I'll repost better info.
It goes:


What happens after the Invasion I have no idea, and card details are sketchy. MTGNews had an article and had several card names from Dan Frazier:

Coalition Spider(Invasion)
Phyrexian Battleflies(Invasion)
Death Bomb(Planeshift)
Gaea's Herald(Planeshift)

Additionally, two supposed Legends from the first set are Gerrard and Tahngarth, while it is rumored but unconfirmed that they will finally make a Yawgmoth card (that I'm not quite believing until I see it).

Anyone else heard any of this too?

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I heard personally from Scott Mcgruph(former WOTC continuity writer) that ther will never, ever, EVER be a Yawgmoth card. For the same reason they don't make Planeswalker cards.

And the set after apocolypse was code named "Argon." Not that it matters (invasion was code named "neon" if I remeber correctly. I wonder what happens after "radon?" Hmm...)

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The set code names are as follows:
Invasion: Bejing
Planeshift: Hong Kong
Apocalypse: Shenghi
you did have the set after that right, it is code named Argon.
Just wanted to clear that all up.

PS this was in topdeck volume 2 issue 3.