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Discussion in 'Rules Questions' started by space ranger, Jul 16, 2004.

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    1. can someone tell me the exactly how timesifter works? Lets see if Im right or wrong. I have timesifter in play we both reveal I have a higher casting cost(means I take another turn) Ok im now done with my turn. Do you reveal a card again,then draw ect..

    2.if A indestructible artifact has X counters on it and you cast a dismantle,even though it won't be destroyed do you still get the +1+1 counters?

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    Pretty much. As long as Timseifter is in play itÕs ability will determine who has the next turn because at the beginning of each turn the TimesifterÕs triggered ability will give the ÔwinningÕ player an extra turn after this one.

    Correct. In fact you can use a Dismantle to double the number of counters on an Indestructible permanent. Just target the card, like a Darksteel Reactor, with Dismantle. Then when the Dismantle resolves it will try to destroy the Reactor but fail, as this permanent is Indestructible. However the second part of Dismantles' effect will still be applied and you can choose the same Reactor you targeted to receive charge counters equal to the number of charge counters already on it.
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    Kriz - did you recently make level 3?...
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    Yes, at US Nationals in June.
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    I thought I remembered you being a level 2...:D

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