a ALL color spell!

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    Initiation of the elements RBUGW
    For each Swamp in play, target player discards a card, for each island in play, target player returns a permenent to his hand, for ach mountain in play, deal 1 damage to each creature in play, and each player, for each plain in play, target player gains 2 life, and for each forest in play, give all your creatures +1+1.
    "just like that, everything was gone!"

    i think this card is better than that one card from invasion (forgot the name) and it could be VERY deadly late in a game, but by the time it gets really beafy, it would be too late in the game to really do much
  2. Elrond Veteran CPA Lurker

    I like it, I agree that it's not too powerful in the early game, and not too devestating in the late game.

    I believe that the card you're thinking of is Last Stand out of Apoc. and this is much better than that.

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