7th-Dueling Grounds

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  1. galtwish Loudmouth

    4 Steadfast Guard
    4 Diving Griffin
    4 Charging Troll
    4 Serra Angel
    4 Sterling Grove
    4 Dueling Grounds
    4 Wrath of God/Parallax Wave
    4 Gerrard's Wisdom
    4 Static Orb
    14 Plains
    4 Brushland
    6 Forest

    4 Abolish
    4 Armadillo Cloak
    4 Ramosian Sargeant
    3 Fresh Volunteers

    Thinking of Eladimiri's Call, Saproling Burst and Llanowar Knight as possibilities as well. Help? Thanks as usual.

  2. Slug man lunatic of the raving variety

    You have 4 in sideboard, but I think they are best main deck, as a cloaked Troll will gain you at least 5 life a turn, while stopping anything from killing you and the trample means that eventually you will get damage through. Otherwise your biggest creature is Serra who might get killed, or the Troll who although regenerates is only a 3/3 and won't do much.

    I say take out Steadfast Guards, as they are useless late game with a Dueling Grounds out. Also 2white mana might occainsionly be hard to get. I would replace them will Birds of Paradise.

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