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    Rereleasing not revised

    And release giant foil artwork... I've noticed that they're trying to regress a little with the sets lately. Reusing old ideas. Some of us would be tickled pink about the revisit of urza.
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    Rereleasing not revised

    Still waiting for our pentagram unholy strength to come back. That's just pagan discrimination.
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    Rereleasing not revised

    Anyone catch the news that we will get the new "collectors edition" boosters filled with proxies of old cards?
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    Size Question

    Now where do you get card sleeves for them?
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    Mana Burn back?

    So... whats the deal with the new cards: Horizon Stone and Yurlock of Scorch Thrash? This like when John Wick came back to kill the people who shot his dog?
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    Magic Memories: Dark Ritual

    Wasn't a fan of the Amonkhet invocation art. Now the foils of some of the other ones just make that artwork pop.
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    WotC now banning "racist" cards

    Corporate white knighting. Some of them taken out of context look bad but in the end doing a ban on old out of print cards amounts to little. Hopefully they don't put their foot on the gas and decide to go social justice warrior on the entirety of the game. I mean, look at all the cards showing...
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    Secret Lair

    Had some neat sets out. I am surprised with how quickly the prices on them jump after they're released. At least the local shops seem to immediately triple the price.
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    Good to see you guys are at least in somewhat good spirits about this pandemic.
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    Size Question

    What is the legal size requirement for tournament play? I'm thinking about getting into some casual tournaments.