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  1. TomB

    Happy New Year!

    May 2021 be an enormous improvement over 2020. Everyone have a happy, safe, and healthy new year! :D
  2. TomB

    Merry Christmas!

    Title says it all. I hope everyone has a safe and joyous holiday! :D
  3. TomB

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone!!! :cool:
  4. TomB

    Hawks Win!

    In case anyone missed it... :D
  5. TomB

    Happy Birthday Ed!

    It's Mike's 24th...Happy Birthday Ed Sullivan! :D
  6. TomB

    Frost Bite

    Here's another little time-waster, courtesy of my friend Reese: Frost Bite...;)
  7. TomB

    Happy Turkey day everyone!!!

    Don't eat too much! :p
  8. TomB

    The "Would you have been a Nazi?" test My results: The Resistance Achtung! You are 38% brainwashworthy, 22% antitolerant, and 57% blindly patriotic Welcome to the Resistance (Der Widerstand)! You believe in freedom, justice, equality, and your country, and you can't be...
  9. TomB


    2 of them today - arhar is 24, and FoundationOfRancor is 19! Happy Birthdays guys! :D
  10. TomB

    Happy Birthday Ferret!

    You old guy you...:D
  11. TomB

    CPA Baseball?

    It's baseball season, and I just realized we didn't make a CPA fantasy baseball league this year. Anyone else interested in playing?!?!? :)
  12. TomB

    Fantasy Hockey?

    Have any of you played Fantasy Hockey? I did it last year and it was pretty cool. It's plays a lot like Fantasy Baseball, and the way you rotate your starters through the lineup, except you do it for the whole team. I enjoyed it, but then, I finished in 2nd place (I lost in the finals), and, to...
  13. TomB

    Warcraft III in Stores Now

    I picked mine up today! :D
  14. TomB

    Voting Issue: Should the CPA be about Magic only?

    Please discuss and vote...:D
  15. TomB

    Alternate Meanings

    The Washington Post publishes a yearly contest in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for various words. The following were some of this year's winning entries: 1. Coffee (n.), a person who is coughed upon. 2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have...
  16. TomB

    Two Thousand One, Nine Eleven

    From a friend, via email... _______________________________ TWO THOUSAND ONE, NINE ELEVEN Two thousand one, nine eleven Five thousand plus arrive in heaven As they pass through the gate, Thousands more appear in wait A bearded man with stovepipe hat Steps forward saying, "Lets sit...
  17. TomB

    Voting Topics

    Please use this thread to post your suggestions for Voting Topics for our Main page Voting Booth. Your input is welcome, and, in fact, greatly appreciated. Thanks. :D
  18. TomB

    CPA Voting Issues: 7th's Power Artifact

    I'll be posting this as a Voting Topic in a few weeks, so I thought I'd start a thread here to discuss it first. The question is: What Do You Think the Power Artifact in 7th Will Be?, and what we're looking for here is not only your opinion on what artifact they'll put in there, but also for...
  19. TomB

    CPA Voting Issues: Card Multiples

    I'll be posting this as a Voting Topic in a few weeks, so I thought I'd start a thread here to discuss it first. The question will be: Should 4 Be the Maximum Number of a Card Per Deck?, and what we're looking for here is your opinion on the 4 per deck rule, and whether the number should be...
  20. TomB

    CPA Voting Issues: Legalize Portal?

    I'll be posting this as a question in the Voting Booth soon, so I thought we'd go ahead and discuss it here first. The question is: Should Portal cards be tourney legal? Let's talk about it! :D