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    Corrupted Card Game.

    Kinda like corrupted wish thread. But corrupt a card. Design a card and the next person will corrupt it then add there own. Hybrid colour red/black costs 2 of ether red/black and 1 any. Creature - Human Warrior. 1/1 with First Strike and Death touch.
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    Best PC software for MTG?

    What is the best PC software for MTG card collection? Searchable by card type or effect and what not. Import your collection and easily searchable. Im not really looking for something web based. I would like something i can download and keep on my PC.
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    Best way to AI a deck?

    I wasent to clear on where i could post this question, i hope this is OK here. With crona crap and most card shops not running events like FNM, or in my case a lot of shops in my area closing/moving, im kinda stuck with playing paper magic by myself. Yes, its sad. But i still have the need to...
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    New to the forums, not new to magic.

    Hello everyone! I was involved in the arena forums primarily because it was the only MTG focused forums that wasent freaking reddit. I cant stand reddit. I do still have and play a copy of dules 2015 Garruks revenge {modded} that i can jump into when i need to scratch my MTG itch. As far as...