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  1. Ferret

    Happy 4th everyone!

    Yeah, thanks to the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine and the creation of Citizens' United it makes it too easy for the two party system to keep Americans firmly divided against each other when we should be working against the actual politicians...
  2. Ferret

    Happy 4th everyone!

    Now, if only we had alternatives to voting besides two parties...
  3. Ferret

    Goblin Lives Matter [EDH]

    Have you tried adding Blood Moon to the deck? Back in the day, that used to be the ultimate killer when I got my Goblin King out...
  4. Ferret

    Magic Memories: Karmic Guide

    Yes, that's the one. It's a little more expensive than Resurrection, but since it only required one white mana, it was easier to splash into other decks...
  5. Ferret

    Magic Memories: Karmic Guide

    I forget the name, but there was a card similar to Resurrect, but it worked at instant speed - handy when you're being attacked and you can pull your favorite critter out of your graveyard with +1/+1. Good times...
  6. Ferret

    Origin of your username

    That's about the size of it. That's probably why I never click on any of those "offers"...
  7. Ferret

    Free Games!

    I've gotten a lot of games for free due to my Mode/Current app giving me PlayStation Network credits. It's amazing how fast it adds up and you find yourself playing Skyrim without having to drop a dime...
  8. Ferret

    Origin of your username

    One of the apps on my phone lets me make credits while listening to music/charging my phone (Mode/Current). Every day, I get bombarded with emails telling me how easy it would be to get "free" crypto. As much as I enjoy the word free, I know that it, too is an illusion...
  9. Ferret

    Doctor Claw [EDH]

    I won't tell if you won't :D
  10. Ferret

    Doctor Claw [EDH]

    I was going to suggest Gauntlet of Might (if you had it), but lo and behold, there it was...I would hate to face this deck in multiplayer... (and the title just brings back memories of "Inspector Gadget"...)
  11. Ferret

    Magic Memories: Enduring Ideal

    Yeah, that one! It's cheap and more or less keeps you in a nice situation while your opponent's deck reaches zero. It's not perfect, but can get the job done against critter-heavy decks...
  12. Ferret

    Magic Memories: Enduring Ideal

    Ooo! I just thought of something that your Moat inspired me to remember: Island Sanctuary and that one Enchantment that prevents critters with Islandwalk and/or Flying from attacking you. Get those both out and just sit back and watch your opponent die of boredom...
  13. Ferret

    March 7, 2022 B&R Announcement

    Yeah, I never really liked Companion - except for a few years back with a Deathtouch deck that I had that did pretty well...but, to be honest I'm not exactly playing these days, so my opinions are only based upon how things were before I quit...
  14. Ferret

    March 7, 2022 B&R Announcement

    Well, it's about time! Lurrus has been the cause of many a loss for me due to the fact that it practically sets up a lock situation for my opponents and just lets them sit back and do whatever they want...usually the cause of an insta-concede for me...
  15. Ferret

    It Ain't Easy Being Snakes [EDH]

    Indiana Jones?
  16. Ferret

    Fuse counters in a Coffin

    It's a shame that you can't just use a Giant Fan (from Unglued) and something with lots of counters on it like a Spike or Triskellion...
  17. Ferret

    New Format: Single-Set Singleton

    Want to make it real fun? Pick The Dark :)
  18. Ferret

    Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Unfortunately, that's what everyone hoped for 2021...
  19. Ferret

    Betty White

    Sadly, the "First Lady of Television" has passed on today a mere seventeen days prior to her 100th birthday. The world of entertainment (not to mention the world itself) is a little emptier...
  20. Ferret

    Angus Mackenzie's Family-Friendly Thanksgiving [EDH]

    Actually, I forgot that the card existed when we named him. He looked like an "Angus" because of the expression on his face. McKenzie just happens to be our last name (Irish spelling, as opposed to the Scottish spelling of the Legends card)...