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  1. Shabbaman

    Free Games!

    The Epic store gives away free PC games every few days. Sometimes mainstream big titles that are a few years old, sometimes relatively new but unknown games. If you want free games... worth checking out. Obviously you're paying with a privacy intrusion.
  2. Shabbaman

    The Comboist Manifesto: Looking Back at Fame and Shame [Article]

    This is a great callback Oversoul, thanks for taking the time to go down memory lane. I think these nominations where one of the fun things for me at CPA, but I had completely forgotten about it!
  3. Shabbaman

    Inquest Top 50 Magic Combos

    As I recall it the quality went down over time. I'm not even sure I experienced the end, but by that time Internet was more of a thing. I skipped MTG for the full duration of 1999 and even a bit earlier, but it was Inquest that kept me connected to some extend, and it was certainly what got me...
  4. Shabbaman

    Inquest Top 50 Magic Combos

    This is cool. I probably have that issue as well.
  5. Shabbaman

    Magic Memories: Spike Weaver

    I have a Spike Weaver on my desk! Okay, maybe for most magic players "I have a magic card on my desk" doesn't trigger anything, but I cleared the desk before I went on holiday and just yesterday gathered some cards to update a few decks before playing (over webcam). Some time ago I changed my...
  6. Shabbaman

    Magic Memories: Dark Ritual

    Interesting. I love Dark Ritual, but I'm not playing it in any of my EDH decks. Are you simply playing more competitive decks than I am, or am I just missing the point?
  7. Shabbaman


    Hi guys, I haven't died of covid-19 and nobody deleted my user account here, so all is fine. I hope all of you are healthy.
  8. Shabbaman

    I totally expected some serious Trump talk here, LOL!!!

    I think Tabletop Simulator gets nice once you get vr goggles. That'd work in the office, right? Also, hi KJ, I recall some of tourney posts. Something with pro points, right?
  9. Shabbaman

    History is repeating itself

    What forum are you talking about? I started with Arena a few months ago, mainly to see if it was a way to teach my 7 year old how to play the lovely game of Magic. While the chat in MTGO could be toxic, in Arena there's so little interaction it gets boring fast. YMMV. About casual vs...
  10. Shabbaman

    Oversoul is a bit preoccupied for now...

    Good luck with your new house. Buying one can be a huge time drain, don't get stressed.
  11. Shabbaman

    The Wall

    Oh, good for you!
  12. Shabbaman

    Happy (early) New Year!

    Best wishes for 2019!
  13. Shabbaman

    The Wall

    I just read it'll take years. Poor spidey.
  14. Shabbaman

    The Wall

    By which you basically prove building a wall doesn't solve the problem. Or you should build a wall around Miami as well. Considering the expected sea level increase that might not be a bad idea...
  15. Shabbaman

    Masters sets

    How kind of Wizards. No, everybody outside Northern America gets the shaft, no Hasbro store here. So no Mythic edition either.
  16. Shabbaman

    Masters sets

    What fiasco? I've been a fan of the gameday frame for a while. Closer inspection of some of the art tempered my enthusiasm though: no extended art, but blown up. Like it appeared to you. Or maybe the regular art is cropped but it is the same picture. This might be for some cards or for all, I...
  17. Shabbaman

    Masters sets

    The Game Day frame they use for the box toppers make for some very pretty cards though.
  18. Shabbaman

    Happy (early) New Year!

    Very nice! Bonus points for using only cards with the proper card frame.
  19. Shabbaman

    Happy (early) New Year!

    Early or late, right? Happy new year (which is what I made my EDH decks spell out in Dutch) :
  20. Shabbaman

    50 Games To Play At Work

    Every time someone clicks on a dead URL a kitten dies. More on topic: I like to play the "work" game at work.