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    I've started a couple of podcasts!

    Hello, y'all! Earlier this year, a number of areas of my professional life shifted and allowed to have some time to create some new projects. So, I started a couple of podcasts with some friends, one focused on Magic: the Gathering and one focused on fantasy football. Recording these podcasts...
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    Looking for some Magic funs

    During this pandemic, I’ve pulled apart old decks and made some new decks. I now have 6 commander decks of varying levels of scrubness/competitiveness that taunt me. Anyone up for a game? Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Anyone up for some commander?

    Hey guys! I got a birthday message from Rokapoke with a request to play on the forums again. Anyone up for some 1v1 commander? Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Where do you live?

    Hey guys! I've bounced around a lot the past several years and was wondering where everyone else was these days. I'm now in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside of DC. Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Oh... hey... Completely forgot to say...

    I'm getting a DMA at UMD - College Park. I believe I'm on Spidey's turf now. Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Just came back to say.....

    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Things are good

    Hello, there! I wanted to let you guys know that I haven't forgotten everyone. My teaching load at the university stepped up this past year and time has not been a plentiful resource. I've been performing on a regular basis here in OH (and will be spending the next month near Spidey's turf...
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    They're in the top 4 right now, but Zadok001 (David Stroud) is still in it! GO ZADOK!!!!!!!!!!! Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Kickstarter Project

    Hey guys! I have started a project on Kickstarter for a Recital to help pay for living expenses at my Young Artist Program this summer. Please take a look at this link. If you wish to help, I give you much thanks. Please forward this to anyone you can think of. Thank you for your time...
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    Judging Gigs!

    Woot! I finally got accepted to judge some events (helps when your schedule lightens up). I will be judging at the StarcityGames Open in Cincinnati and on Friday/Saturday at Grand Prix: Indianapolis. Anyone else going? Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Just thought you guys would like to know...

    I finally passed my level 1 judge exam!! Behold my current judge profile pic! I'll get a better quality pic sometime soon. I'm hoping to work the SCG Open in Baltimore next month. Spidey... I'm coming for you!!!!! Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Ransac and Rokapoke meet!!!

    Earlier today, rokapoke drove from Akron to just outside of Cleveland to Cube Draft at with some buddies of mine. Good times were had by all!!!! Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Dec. 20, 2010 B/R Announcement

    The discussion in the previous banned/restricted thread comes to a conclusion here. Legacy sees two changes: Survival of the Fittest is indeed banned, as expected. Time Spiral is unbanned. The unbanning of Time Spiral seems very interesting. Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Word Association v1.2

    Again! Ransac, cpa trash man
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    Friendly Reminder for HOF

    It's about time we had our nominations for Alara Reborn. Also, I highly recommend that we include Magic 2010 afterwards, (even though Core sets are not usually voted on) due to the inclusion of new cards in the set. Ransac, cpa trash man
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    More Casual Variants to play?

    Mindmaster has been a lot of fun on this site, even if I've fallen off the wagon for extended periods of time. The Ultimate drafts have been fun. The Build-a-Decks were amazing! Our Season League has captivated a number of you! However, it seems like we could be doing more to promote Casual...
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    Grand Prix: Columbus

    I'll be heading down to Columbus, OH for the Legacy Grand Prix. Anyone else gonna make the trek? Ransac, cpa trash man
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    DCI Banned/Restricted List: Extended gets a complete overhaul

    Here Effective July 1, 2010, Hypergenesis and Sword of the Meek are banned....... as are Mirrodin, Darksteel, Fifth Dawn, Champions, Betrayers, Saviors, 9th Edition, Ravnica, Guildpact, Dissension and Coldsnap..... In an attempt to make Extended accessible to more people, the format will go...
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    Rise of the Eldrazi Prerelease Tournament Report *1st*

    Since I've come back to playing Magic tournaments, I've hit a halfway successful run at Prerelease tournaments (3-2, 3-1, 2-2, 3-1, 2-0-1), prizing out 4 out of 5 times. I did a decent amount of research in the mtgsalvation forums and drafting/sealed-decking out on This led me to...
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    Recent Absence

    Nothing to be alarmed with. I'm simply in rehearsal process for another show that goes up next week. Should be back url-card flopping after next week. Ransac, cpa trash man