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    Bienvenue! Celui-ci, c'est le meilleur des l'infomormation de magique: l'assemblee. Il faut etre sympa a touts ou ils vont te tuer. Pardon celui, c'est sans accent mais je ne veux faire ca. Ou h'te tu? ahhhh... une autre fille, n'avons pas assez. :p Ou d'Angleterre hte-tu? Alors...
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    World Cup

    Who's your bet? My best bet... is... (you'll see) and just to say i am kinda annoyed in terms of the NBA, so I'm switching to soccer. I wanted the Celtics (myself living in Boston) to win Eastern, then the Kings (cause I really hate shaq) to win Western, but lookie lookie, I'm so lucky to...
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    Aw gee

    I kinda abandoned magic for a little bit... heh, I was too busy taking over Yahoo Games... um, pretty successful before they found out and rewrote the coding of the games. :( ! But, my neighbor who just moved from France showed me a computer game and I didn't know what it was... it was Magic The...
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    You can consider me a new member...

    Guess who's back? :p
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    Summer Vacation

    HI!!! Does anyone still remember me? :D Whatchya guys doin over summer vacation? Im in St. Louis. I have spent the past few months in Africa preaching the gospel of Zadok... I converted successfully 200,000 people from polytheism to Zadokism. They now only worship him, the ULTIMATE...
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    A blizzard is at my door (I love metaphors). Well anyways, anyone else in the Northeast? Braving out this blizzard. I think that school's gonna be closed for today and tommorrow, maybe wednesday.
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    I am gonna have a party!

    Scour's coming back. Legal and free (take that napster). Break open the Doritos. Pop the Pringle tops! Open the sodas.
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    Free web-hosting

    Does anyone know any really good free web-hosts where I can upload flash movies.
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    Macromedia Flash 5

    Is anyone really proficient at Macromedia Flash 5? I really need some major help, I want to futurize my sites. Thanks.
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    Programming TI-83's

    I am preparing forr next year Algebra. Could someone help me learn how to program these so I can play in clas next year? Thank you. P.S. I have some experience, I can make any program involved with math, but I can't do games.
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    Who is your CPA role model?
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    Chuckle, chuckle, I'm so bored... hehe ...

    I am sitting here doing forty pages of Grammar homework (thinking about our dull language), then suddenly I remember screenshots! I am sitting here taking screenshots, woohoo what fun! I am a little bored.... P.S. Does anyone know a good site for learning intermediate html? Thanks...
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    If you wanna have a philosophical debate, come right on in!

    "The only thing we need to be great philosophers is the faculty of wonder" Let us answer the age old questions: Where does the world come from? Who are you? Who am I? I cannot begin to wonder how the world was created. If God really did create the world, where did God come from...
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    Statistically speaking...

    Ed? How many banned threads are there in total? How many hours does Zadok spend on the CPA everyday? How many seconds does Dakkon Blackblade have to live before you kill him? How many days is it till a good file sharing program comes out?
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    The CPA movie critics forum

    Here you can criticize movies! Name of movie How many thumbs up Comments STIGMATA 9 thumbs up (?) I loved it. Best movie ever. My all time fav. Cool! Awesome! Major! Suspense romance and drama. Great acting. "The stigmata are the five wounds of Christ"
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    pi... continued

    Dr. Kamada in Japan has his super computer calculating pi to 1 billion digits+ He must have an algorithm to be able to calculate pi, but what is it?
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    Est la douleur ce que vous lui faites

    DUke sait la colère très bien. Se rappellent, quelqu'un peut vous avoir rendu fou, mais vous étiez celui à décider de l'exprimer. S'il vous plaît, je vous prie de faire au CPA un meilleur endroit pour chacun. C'est un endroit amical, le gardent de cette façon. Préservez notre communauté...
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    Every time I visit the CPA, the font is different. Today it is a small times new roman. Yesterday it was a bigger times new roman. A while ago, it was in a cursive kind of style. Is it just my computer?
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    Oh Scour...sniffle....Napster...Sniffle

    Scour is gone. Napster is going to charge money. Where does the time go?
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    Scoring forum...

    Judges post your scores here.