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  1. Ferret


    Last night, I heard about the death of a legend. Someone that has contributed so much to America and now he's gone. It just makes me sad... Rest In Peace, Mr. Peanut (oh yeah, and Kobe Bryant died as well)
  2. Ferret

    History is repeating itself

    Last year (or was the year before?) I got back into Magic by downloading Magic Arenas. It's a lot of fun, but like playing in a game store, you're going to find a lot of folks that think that they're competitive playing and you will usually see the same three or four decks over and over again...
  3. Ferret

    Hurricane Dorian (as well as all other hurricanes)

    Living in Florida, we have this wonderful six moths every year where the local weather people - I'm sorry, meteorologists - go absolutely crazy every time a tropical depression forms in the Atlantic. They automatically start running simulations of how it will turn into a category five storm that...
  4. Ferret

    What's goin on in your head when play X decks?

    I posted something similar to this on the Magic Arena forums because I was interested in the mindset of some folks that only play decks with infinite turn combos, lots of counters/control cards, or just people that burn through everything you own on their way to victory by any means necessary. I...
  5. Ferret

    Russian ties to the President?

    Time to see if anyone is interested in talking politics: It would appear that President Trump's son met with key Russian businessmen before the election and there's talk of possible collusion in the election. Now, I couldn't care less either way. They were both Manchurian Candidates to me, but...
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    Declare Dominance

    So, lately I've been playing MTG:Arenas. It's nice, it's free (well, free as you want it to be), and it's challenging. One of the biggest challenges is winning with a Green stompy deck. The most prevalent decks tend to run vampires, white weenies and my (least) favorite, Fish. While getting...
  7. Ferret

    HI - I have no idea what is going on anymore

    Hello everyone! I hope that all is well with everybody. I was in the neighborhood (okay, I'm three continents away from most of you) and thought I'd stop in and say hi. -Ferret "hi!"
  8. Ferret

    The Date of the Beast

    I know that it just ended 26 minutes ago, but I have to admit that it was really cool knowing that I was alive on 06/06/, I just need to see if this remake of "The Omen" is anywhere near as good as the original... -Ferret "6 66"
  9. Ferret

    The Last Founder Has Left the Building

    This will probably be the last post I'll ever type on this site. I just can't devote any time to MTG (let alone this site). I don't have a dedicate internet connection to allow constant posting and the arguments have gotten old anyway. All I ever seem to hear is "You're not a REAL Casual...
  10. Ferret

    X-Box 360

    The other day I was visiting Mrs F down in St. Pete and her power supply had died on her computer. It was still under waranty, so we took it down to best buy to have a new one installed. It was only going to take a couple of hours, so we had time to head home, watch "The Dunwich Horror"...
  11. Ferret

    Back again!

    I know I've actually been back for a couple of weeks, but I thought I'd let everyone know that I'm back for a while (again!) Iraq is a bleak little dusty country filled with people that don't want us there but don't seem to know how to run the country by themselves (Sorry, DUke, but it's the...
  12. Ferret

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Ferret!

    Hope it's a great one! -Ferret "Love you, hunnybunny!"
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    Episode III and its surprise ending

    You know, this is one of those times I'm glad I'm in the military because occasionaly they'll do something really cool like bring a movie here either at the same time or before it's released in the states. Today's example was Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (boy, that's a long title)...
  14. Ferret

    Misleading ads in banners

    It's been a while since I did a nice little rant. The only problem I have w/ this one is that I'm afraid that everyone will agree w/ me - what fun is that? Whenever I check my CPA-mail Inbox, I usually see lots of ads that say something like "Tired of unwanted junk email? Click here."...
  15. Ferret

    Tampa Bay United!!!!

    I know this is about a week too old, but I don't get to post that often... Anyone that follows either kind of football on either side of the Atlantic probably heard about this: Billionaire Malcolm Glazer has purchased majority control of the Manchester United, one of the best-known European...
  16. Ferret

    It's election time - sort of!

    It's kind of interesting being here in a country that hasn't had a free election in - well, never that I can remember. A lot of the people are afraid to vote because people from the old dominant government don't want to lose power or they don't want to vote because they're afraid it won't make a...
  17. Ferret

    Here's a weird idea...

    I know this is a pretty old concept, but I'm wondering if it could pan out... If you have Opalescence out and you Spirit Linked a Pestilence, would that work? I guess it would eventually kill itself (unless you gave it pro-black) or something...just a weird thought I came up w/ reading that...
  18. Ferret

    Happy Birthday Ed Sullivan!

    Let's all wish a HUGE Happy Birthday to the one Founder that has been w/ this site throughout its entire existence and has put forth huge ammounts of effort (and money) in keeping it up. Mike, have a happy (and safe, now that you're ld enough to drink!) one and thank you for always being...
  19. Ferret

    DarthFerret, we need to talk...

    Hi. Just thought I'd like to tell you a little about ferrets - since you want to use that word in your handle. They are proud members of the weasel family which includes such critters as minks, otters, badgers and wolverines. They have been used to hunt rodents for approximately 5000 years (the...
  20. Ferret

    A major issue on MTGO

    Okay, someone posted a link to this article while I was playing tonight. It's pretty scary stuff: Security hole in Magic Online I'm suddenly glad that I keep a low profile... -Ferret " was bound to happen sometime..."