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    G10: 0-999 Life Counter

    Kickstarter for G10: 0-999 Spin-Down Life Counter (ending 7/11/2019) What do you think of this? Might be good for additional things too, like poison, commander, energy?
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    G10: 0-99 Spin-Down Life Counter

    Thanks Shabbaman! Yeah. Shipping costs are definitely a limiting factor. It's neat that Etsy does all the shipping calculations automatically. What's really interesting, is that shipping costs about the same price, whether I ship 1 set or 25 sets at a time (about $2.61 US, or about $13...
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    G10: 0-99 Spin-Down Life Counter

    Hi all, Sorry about the slow response... Yup. While playing EDH, my game table gets super-cluttered too. The G10 dice cradles make it super-clear what everyone's score is. I designed the trays to be deep enough so they don't get knocked out easily, while still being able to manipulate the...
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    G10: 0-99 Spin-Down Life Counter

    Hi all, I invented this myself, and my Kickstarter was a success. The G10: 0-99 Spin-Down Life Counter is now available on Etsy. What do you think?
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    Amonkhet Card Image Gallery

    I think that a good rule of thumb, is that, if you have to tilt your head to know what the card does, the mechanic is not worth the effort.