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  1. Shabbaman

    CPA is famous

    Abe Sargent (one of my favorite M:TG writers) namedropped CPA in his latest article: That aside, he makes a good point although I think he's overlooked Pauper.
  2. Shabbaman

    Captcha verification error

    I tried to recover my password, but I can't complete the captcha verification properly. So either I don't know how to spell <the answer> properly, or someone is expecting an obscure Python reference, but I can't reset my password. A good thing that I'm still logged in on this device so I can...
  3. Shabbaman

    Marath card alteration ideas

    Hi guys, I'm considering getting Marath, Will of the Wild altered as the new general for one of my commander decks. This is a bit of an investment, so I want to think this through. The downside... I'm a bit short on inspiration. One of the ideas is a DC superhero or villain, but I have a bit...
  4. Shabbaman

    CPA pushing malware?

    When I visit this page in the film thread here on CPA, my browser (Chrome) downloads a file and warns me that that type of file can harm my computer. I suspect it's the Youtube movie that is posted there, so it might be harmless, or it might not. I'm not into that stuff, but perhaps our almighty...
  5. Shabbaman


    Pfff, I finally managed to recover my password. Stupid ISP's and their spam protection, grrr. Anyway, missed me? ;)
  6. Shabbaman

    It was a sad day...

    Yup, drama. Yesterday I spent some hours rebuilding some of my decks: my Savra EDH deck, my lame zombie deck, my VWR deck, my Elf combo deck. I also build my second EDH deck, with Ulasht as the general. In the process I disassembled some other decks. This was actually a sad business. I have a...
  7. Shabbaman

    Mimic Vat and Nim Deathmantle

    My brain hurts. If both me and my opponent has a Mimic Vat in play, and I have a Nim Deathmantle as well, what happens? I know there's some APNAP stuff in here, but in what instances am I screwed by his Mimic Vat or not? Mimic Vat Whenever a nontoken creature is put into a graveyard from the...
  8. Shabbaman

    Death Cloud/Nath

    If I have Nath of the Gilt-leaf in play and then play Death Cloud, I guess I get the Nath-tokens after the Death Cloud has resolved completely, thus preventing me to sacrifice the Nath-tokens I get from the discarded cards to the Death Cloud?
  9. Shabbaman

    Wild zombies!

    I'm building decks out of the piles of cards I have, and one of my main goals is to build a zombie deck. Because of Carnophage and Sarcomancy, zombies are often associated with sui black. If you take that route you'd end up with a bad sui deck with 3 different Lords that just loses to goblins...
  10. Shabbaman

    Conflux rumors!

    I like the Rumor Mill, but I'm rarely tempted to discuss them. This one tickled my fancy, because it has some implications for casual players. Hopefully it's a cycle, with decent cards (because this one sucks): Yet another twist on cycling... landcycling to be exact. I put twisted...
  11. Shabbaman

    Counterbalance/Leyline of Lifeforce

    Does Leyline of Lifeforce work against Counterbalance?
  12. Shabbaman

    Suggestion: change user verification

    I've got a suggestion to the forum admins: do the user verification of new members manually. There aren't that many "real" new members, and a lot of spambots. If you do the verification manually, we'd get rid of all the spam and the spambots. And then Ransac will have so much free time that he...
  13. Shabbaman

    CPA Build-A-Deck III: Liliana Vess

    Welcome to this new installment of CPA Build-A-Deck, "CPA BAD 3: return of a villainess, featuring Liliana Vess". Boy, I hate sequels... Anyway, by special request this new edition starts with a planeswalker. For those who don't know what a planeswalker is: it's a kind of magic card. Really...
  14. Shabbaman

    CPA build a deck

    Recently I suggested that we should have a frequent community deckbuilding as a way to boost traffic and get new members. I suggested this because I like these kind of threads personally. Seeing the lack of activity on the magic forums here, I'm wondering if it has a chance at succeeding. I'd do...
  15. Shabbaman

    Vwr Ftw

    I have a problem. Actually, that's not true. I have two problems. Or three, with the third problem being countless other problems that I will not discuss now. The other two problems are these two: 1. I've been fascinated by Varchild's war-riders for years. Two mana for a 3/4 trampler...
  16. Shabbaman

    EDH Ideas

    I want to build a EDH with Oona as my general, but now I'm wondering if that would restrict my cards to hybrid only, or colorless, blue and black. Any clue, anyone?