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    Taking a CPA break

    No, I won't be gone for good, but I running way behind on schedule with my thesis and notice I spent a lot (too much) time 'hanging around' on CPA. See you guys in a few weeks! (And sorry for the games I'm putting on pause)
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    Found a combo, now what?

    I've had a lot of fun playing with Pull from Eternity Instant W (Put target face-up card that's removed from the game into its owner's graveyard) in a deck with flashback cards (Momentary Blink) and other tricks (Vanish into Memory). Of course, its comes in handy against Suspend decks but also...
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    Just an amusing little story..

    Saturday night, some friends and I were slinging some cards at Joraels place. I just wanted to recant a particular play that occured, because a) it was a great play and b) I ended up winning the game ;) Jorael was playing a white token deck, based primarily on the interaction between Anvil of...
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    Norin is wary of Pandemonium and Confusion in the Ranks..

    Norin the Wary is a great card, but I wanted to try it in a deck without Pandemonium or Confusion in the Ranks. Juniper Order Ranger should become very big with Norin popping in every turn. Other token creators like Genesis Chamber and Sprout Swarm also come in handy. (The interaction...
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    Null Profusion.. what to do with it?

    I hate combo decks. With a passion. Don't get me wrong; I like combo's. If somebody can point to three cards I had never thought of combining and stump me with the cool interaction that arises when all three are in play, I am impressed. But I don't need to see it happen. So why did I buy...
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    Mindmaster Administration: Spiderman vs Limited

    Spiderman Tempest Stronghold Urza's Saga Invasion Onslaught Scourge Saviors of Kamigawa Ravnica Guildpact Limited Exodus Urza's Legacy Urza's Destiny Mercadian Masques Nemesis Planeshift Apocalypse Oddyssey Torment Judgment Legions Mirrodin...
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    Has anybody seen this Gargoyle?

    Last friday I received my playset of Planar Chaos commons and uncommons, but I hadn't had the chance to look through them, let alone to build some new decks with these cards. So Saturday, when Jorael came over to play some Magic, I was completely blown away by a tiny Gargoyle. Of course...
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    Mindmaster Legions - Spiderman vs Limited

    Ransac, thanks for the packs. I've sent my bid.
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    Uncle Limited

    I just became an uncle! My sister gave birth to a boy. :D:D:D:D:D
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    Submitted for your disproval: Arcane Eye

    I wanted to build a deck around Eye of the Storm, but stay away from the Early Harvest combo. At first, I looked at instants and sorceries that included an additional cost, but unfortunately the Eye doesn't force other players to play the copies it provides. So, I turned to Arcane spells...
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    Submitted for you disproval: UG Suspend

    Here's a deck that has been working pretty well. Its a Time Spiral only Blue-Green deck focused on Suspend, Flash and the Primal Forcemage. Force of Habit Creatures (26) 4x Ashcoat Bear 4x Crookclaw Transmuter 4x Dream Stalker 4x Durkwood Baloth 4x Primal Forcemage 4x Riftwing...
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    Wild Places

    While I was sorting cards, I stumbled onto Oni of Wild Places, an uncommon from Saviors of Kamigawa. I had yet to put it in a deck, so I decided to build a deck around it. Obviously, I needed red creatures with a great 'come into play' ability. The first card that came to mind was Hellhole...
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    Tribal game 5

    Sign up has started! With the holidays coming up, I don't expect we'll start soon, but I figured I might as well start a sign up.. (link to rules)
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    Testing tables

    <table> <tr><td>Spiderman: <td>6 <td>1 <td>8 <td>6 <td>2 <td>23 </tr> </table>
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    Mindmaster Torment: Spiderman vs Limited

    I sent my bid to Ransac.
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    Mindmaster Apocalypse: Spiderman vs Limited

    Before we start bidding life, I have a question: What happens if somebody plays a Whirlpool creature? Do you lose your hand (is it shuffled into your no-existent library and never see them again) or do we ignore the effect? Opinion?
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    Selecting the starting rare!

    We need to select one of the rares from this list to start the set with. Start suggesting!
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    Constructing Our Set

    Okay, lets try to put a set together so we can start playtesting it. Stuff the needs to be done: 1) Come up with a name for the set (or a working title) 2) Decide a set size 3) Next, we need to fill in the cards.. I think a good strategy would be to select all the rares first (seeing...
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    What card do I need to build a deck around?

    I wanted to build a new deck with a rare from Dissension i have never seen anybody play. Please cast your vote and help me out!
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    Mindmaster Prophecy: Spiderman vs Limited

    Hey, did you receive your pack? I'll call heads..