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  1. Composition Theoretician

    Worldfire unbanned in EDH!

    A glorious day for EDH! I will begin the important work immediately.
  2. Composition Theoretician

    How much responsibility do casual deckbuilders have to be able to close out games?

    If your win condition is something other than, "exile all cards from all decks from the game, with the last card being exiled also ending the turn," just keep refining.
  3. Composition Theoretician

    Acererak, the Archlich

    Right, I was thinking of Lost Mine duplicating the effect of a Tendrils, rather than using the actual card. The treasure token from the Mine Tunnels room is sufficient for Bomat Courier and Elixir of Immortality to provide unbounded dungeon venturing, not constrained by initial library size, as...
  4. Composition Theoretician

    Acererak, the Archlich

    I am imagining your interest here is that it is a two card Tendrils of Agony with unbounded storm count. Any other interesting plays you see outside playing some spells without cost (which Aluren is already providing for the most part)?
  5. Composition Theoretician

    The Hall of Illuminating Magic Decks

    Deck Name: Transcension Magic Format: Pioneer Deck Presentation Link (Moxfield) Insight: With the return of Wish to the Standard format environment, it is possible to construct a Pioneer format deck with an effectively unlimited number of possible endgame states, utilizing Gyre Sage with...
  6. Composition Theoretician

    Magic meets D&D - and not in a good way

    I understand where you two are coming from, however
  7. Composition Theoretician

    Origin of your username

    Ferret, you already answered this on Jun 17, 2006 :) To answer the question myself, its what I do.
  8. Composition Theoretician

    Happy Memorial Day

    Cheers to the fallen, to those who serve and have served, and to remembering together!
  9. Composition Theoretician

    Mana Burn back?

    That Horizon Stone is a beautiful card, and it is interesting to see the designers using a classic part of the game that was revised out as a new design space. I wonder if mana burn will move from a Commander specific design space into Standard or perhaps Modern through a specific release.
  10. Composition Theoretician

    Strixhaven: the most dull set since Homelands

    I just wanted to chime in regarding the analysis of Amonkhet as dull. Approach of the Second Sun made it the greatest Standard set I have played, not just on how much I loved that card but also the support elements for my all basic lands and spells, no creatures deck (in Standard)! Hour of...
  11. Composition Theoretician

    Pioneer Format - Thoughts and Insights?

    Thanks Oversoul! The timeline you presented gives some really interesting and informative context, makes me excited to see if Magic maintains its momentum and what that might bring about for the early 2030s, based on those patterns. Your personal insight on popularity is really helpful as well...
  12. Composition Theoretician

    Pioneer Format - Thoughts and Insights?

    Hello again all! This is Psarketos; the site changes over the past few years seem to have eaten my old account information. Looking at Magic again for the first time in a while, I am wondering what perspectives you have on the Pioneer format. Does it have a strong long term future, or does it...