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  1. Cognizant

    Origin of your username

    spring sale! spring sale! 100% discount! get your crypto fortune completely FOR FREE just now!!! what are you waiting for?
  2. Cognizant

    Origin of your username

    hahahahah👍 it seems that sooner or later I'll join that crypto bustle...🤪
  3. Cognizant

    Free Games!

    I'd love to try out some unusual games... I often feel lost on huge gaming sites) it seems that they post the same games, already known and played by me😄😅
  4. Cognizant

    Origin of your username

    Remember! Reality's an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold!
  5. Cognizant

    Origin of your username

    Sure, and those 10% of a lie are like a fly in the ointment
  6. Cognizant

    I've started a couple of podcasts!

  7. Cognizant

    Free Games!

    What a pity that this thread died...
  8. Cognizant

    50 Games To Play At Work

    All kinds of short IO games would work
  9. Cognizant

    Origin of your username

    Cognizant is a common word meaning conscious) I strive to understand the world as it is, not like different "information sources" try to show it - typically everything there is a lie
  10. Cognizant

    Betty White

    That's very sad...😞
  11. Cognizant

    It Ain't Easy Being Snakes [EDH]

    Snakessss are perffffect🐍🐍🐍 Shhhhhhhhh