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    Magic Commercial

    I've seen ads in magazines a few times. The best featured a guy who had just opened a 9th Edition booster pack, with the 15 cards fanned out, with a bunch of text in the background. The rare in the pack was pictured as Serra Angel.
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    New soldiers and mercenaries!

    "Disciple of Sun-Tzu" Cost: 2WW Type: Creature - Human Soldier Cleric P/T: 1/1 Rules Text- {T}: Put a +1/+1 counter on target Soldier. {T}: Target creature controlled by an opponent cannot block this turn. {1}, Remove a card in your hand from the game: Look at all your opponents' hands...
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    Origin of your username

    My real-life first name is Alan, I figured it would sound cool with "King" or "Emperor" in fronyt of it, I use variants of KingAlan and EmperorAlan for a bunch of my internet nicknames.
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    Cycle of triple-color cards

    A cycle idea I came up with: Each card has 3 colors, the casting cost of the card being two mana of each color involved. Effects are relevant to one of the color's core abilities. Color triplets: GWU, WUB, UBR, BRG, RGW. Card titles: GWU = Pure Alliance WUB = Temporary Alliance UBR...
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    Doubling Season

    Doubling Season added to my wantlist. I have a Selesnya deck: Double Saprolings, and as a nice side effect, double +1/+1 counters from Chorus of the Conclave's effect. I also might get one for my "regular" green deck. That has 4 Elven Rites and 4 Spike Feeders; doubling the +1/+1...
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    Selesnya guild deck

    Doubling Season added to my wantlist. Double Saprolings, and as a nice side effect, double +1/+1 counters from Chorus of the Conclave's effect.
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    Single Card Deck Building Contest Mark VIII

    For it to work with just the coin flips, you'd almost have to get 5 favorable flips in a row. Since there's only a 1/2 chance for each of those flips to be favorable, the odds of getting 5 in a row is 1/32. Since one bad flip negates one good flip, to get 5 counters, you could go 6 for 7, 7...
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    Mercenary deck (monocolor black)

    I haven't kept track of how well it plays against other decks, and the records of me playing it against my own decks are based on out-of-date versions of those decks. I might retest all of mine sometime in the near future. As for Eradicate, removing the target creature from the game keeps it...
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    Blue/White Non-Azorius Deck [Soldier]

    I'm not *that* much of a Magic newb...ofc I know about Daru Warchief. I got one, actually. :) More might not be a bad idea though. It is not a Legend; having multiples of those in play could be fun. :D And Limited, what do you mean by a "Soldier Control" deck?
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    Green amalmagation

    Hmm...Giving trample make it better than Overwhelm in a way, since this is a non-token deck.
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    Selesnya guild deck

    I know about Watchwolf- should've mentioned it. If the local cardshop charged less for Watchwolf and had more in stock, I'd get some. :) OOH! Evil combo idea! Combo that loxodon thing with Hour of Reckoning. Tap the loxodon for Convoke if necessary, tap other 'regular' creatures/lands to...
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    R/g beats, budget style!

    I had a nice R/G beast deck that worked pretty well, but it wasl lost. (perhaps stolen) It had more green than red, and mostly Beasts from Onslaught/Legions. (Onslaught/Legions/Scourge is a great source for any deck focusing on any one creature type, as creature type was a major theme of that...
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    White equipment deck

    Taj-Nar Swordsmith and Staunch Defenders are both more expensive creatures, I took my friend's advice to mean that I should *mainly* have cheap creatures. :) Some of those cards are nice, but I wish I had more of a budget for lots of cool rares. :P
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    Un-set syle cards

    "Altoona" is the name of some small US towns, do a English-language Wikipedia search for a list. Perhaps Library of Podunk would be a bit more understandable? It represnets the library of some small town as opposed to library of Alexandria. :)
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    The 'Redneck' creature type (Un-Set kind of creature)

    EDIT: For those if you who don't know, 'redneck' refers to people living in the southern US, especially the rural southern US or the rural Appalachian Mountains. Can be positive or perjorative, depending on ghow the term is used. These cards poke fun at stereotpyes often associated with...