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    Vote Nader!

    I have no issues with people voting third-party if they really believe in the core values of the party. I do have issues with people who seemingly vote third-party as a means of protest. I agree that third-parties should exist, but I also agree that they will never really make a difference...
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    Bush, Kerry, eeh I still win

    Actually, I do believe that the reason most come off thinking that the Red Scare was about crazy witchhunts and paranoia is because of that revisionist slop that the American left is putting out. I think we can all agree that the American left dominates the university and education circuit...
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    Bush, Kerry, eeh I still win

    Bah. Guess who? I've been really busy lately, mainly election-related stuff. Heh, all is well here in liberal Massachusetts. Someone once told me that being a Republican here is like being a Yankees fan. Well, I campaigned for President Bush. Since Kerry was destined to swing this state...
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    Favorite Sport

    yes.... i am back! here to spam the CPA boards once again... j/k I missed the CPA
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    Favorite Sport

    only one lacrosse? :(
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    Been gone so long, it's as if I was new !

    WELCOME BACK! i just got back too! Join the I feel that I am new but really am not club. :p
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    Hey guys, remember this person, Maro-Multani? How much controversy. I was just looking through the forums. Sends chills through me thinking about the conflict. Eesh
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    Who is????

    Sexy birds, i've seen everything...
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    Bienvenue! Celui-ci, c'est le meilleur des l'infomormation de magique: l'assemblee. Il faut etre sympa a touts ou ils vont te tuer. Pardon celui, c'est sans accent mais je ne veux faire ca. Ou h'te tu? ahhhh... une autre fille, n'avons pas assez. :p Ou d'Angleterre hte-tu? Alors...
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    World Cup

    Who's your bet? My best bet... is... (you'll see) and just to say i am kinda annoyed in terms of the NBA, so I'm switching to soccer. I wanted the Celtics (myself living in Boston) to win Eastern, then the Kings (cause I really hate shaq) to win Western, but lookie lookie, I'm so lucky to...
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    Aw gee

    I kinda abandoned magic for a little bit... heh, I was too busy taking over Yahoo Games... um, pretty successful before they found out and rewrote the coding of the games. :( ! But, my neighbor who just moved from France showed me a computer game and I didn't know what it was... it was Magic The...
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    You can consider me a new member...

    Guess who's back? :p
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    Summer Vacation

    HI!!! Does anyone still remember me? :D Whatchya guys doin over summer vacation? Im in St. Louis. I have spent the past few months in Africa preaching the gospel of Zadok... I converted successfully 200,000 people from polytheism to Zadokism. They now only worship him, the ULTIMATE...
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    I wanted to tell everyone about the storm while it was happening, but I lost power for 9 hours yesterday. Today, school is still canceled. The wind is roaring outside. I measured a few seconds ago and the snow is 25 inches high. We have a snow drift 4 foot high. Some towns are expecting floods...
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    I checked an hour ago, we got 4 inches. Were expecting in excess of 2 feet. Wet snow... hard to shovel. Egh! It's sleeting, and frezzing raining now. Its fun to run outside and spin around. Were expecting a lot here in Massachusetts.