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"Scrubs Corner": The story behind it all...yawn...
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
“Scrubs Corner” <---------- The story behind the most pointless articles, and the person who persists on writing them.

Story time folks!
This week, I spent a few minutes reading articles on casualplayers when something struck my eye.

Replies to my articles.

Ah, I love reading these replies. So, as I double-clicked my mouse to read the 'witty' and possible 'insightful' replies, I witnessed this crime scene:

Chubbs Heh    Posted: Feb 2, 2004 3:05 pm
Heh, you a good player? Tell that to me when you cost me a chrome mox when you went 0-3 in a draft!!

Uscrub LoL    Posted: Jan 27, 2004 5:25 pm
Who the hell wrote this? A 6th grade student? At least your honest about being a scrub.... If you want people to take this seriously I would get your mommy to read over your work before you turn it in...

Master Shake Posted: Jan 31, 2004 3:42 pm
Life, get one

MnM lol    Posted: Dec 17, 2003 12:41 pm
A joke once again... stop typing... ill sleep better...

I received several e-mails also. Here is a typical one:
Why do you write still? Die! Go to teamacademy and join those idiotz. Go away forver!
Someone better than you

Welcome to I enjoy these kind of responses, they fuel my Microsoft Word and motivate me to type more nonsensical articles. However, there are also highlights in my day, the kind that can only motivate a scrub such as myself:

Sysco Wow....what a lame peanut gallery....` Posted: Feb 4, 2004 12:05 pm
I took this article to be nothing more than what it was intended to be. A brief insight into some match ups during a PTQ. This was a welcome change to some of the long, boring tournament reports. A 10th place finish seems pretty good to me. Far better than what a scrub would do, so I am not sure why you would call yourself one. Now to the reason I am posting this reply.
UScrub - Check the top of the article to see who wrote this. Wow, dumb question. Your lame attempt to critizise sounded like it came from someone who IS in the 6th grade. Also, did you have a parent review your reply before you posted it? I sure don't take your reply serious.
Master Shake - Everyone has a life, but they do not all have to be approved by you. Fairly arrogant of you to assume your life is better than others. Sad.
Chubbs - found the 6th grade humor funny. Well, I guess that puts your opinion of the "pointless" article into perspective.
Shawn Hassett
Sunny South Florida
Yep, that's right.....I signed it. Not ashamed of my opinions to hide behind anonymity.

SeFRo Posted: Nov 25, 2003 5:24 am
I liked this article. Thumbs up. The whole elitism thing is something I have noticed. Its getting stronger and stronger lately, for some reason.
This age of Onslaught to Mirrodin feels in ways like Tempest to Urza's Saga. *shudder at the thought*
Hopefully, it won't be too similar.

Mark Ortego: All Replies to The Road to Tourney: Tap THIS
Mr. Houtsinger,..........what you say means alot to me. You're a great writer and always a contributer to our game through your articles. Yes, I am 42 and I do kind of look through rose colored glasses but that's my choice and do realize that we are all unique and so I don't expect everyone to play by my rules. Perhaps I, too, can adopt an alter-ego: I'll let you know later what that could be.

You take the bad with the good, but it doesn't stop me from writing. I find this more as a challenge. How can I express what I have learned and communicate it effectively to form an article that others can learn from or find entertaining? This is a, or untill I stop playing, a daunting task with every word I plaster down.

Sysco posted the question of why I post myself as a scrub?

Because, I am a bad player, and find more fun in playing the game with my flaws, than learning from them, at times, and improving. I make mistakes that separate me from great players.

So, what mistakes could I have made that would qualify myself as “Scrub”?
Oh, I don't mind opening the fiery book of hell and showing you all:

I present to you all: You know your a “Scrub” when...”

--->Keep a no-land hand in your first game at a PTQ.

--->You pick Viridan Shaman over Warhammer in a Mirridon draft, and try to justify it(I'll never live this down)
--->You go 0-3 in a draft after NOT picking Warhammer in a draft, with a Chrome Mox at stake.

--->At FNM's, you use Mana Clash as your ONLY win condition in a Mirari's Wake deck.

--->During a Top 8 of a PTQ, you reach over more than twice to read the card across from you.

--->Your opponent is upset for you not figuring out how to kill him already, especially when he has no 'outs'.

--->The only format you know in MTG is extended.

--->You know the text on Doomsday and Dream Halls, but not Chrome Mox and Promise of Power.

More importantly, I make mistakes all the time that my fellow MTG'ers point out.
“Um, shawn, you could have won last turn if you just sent your guys in...”
-”Oh, yeah, grrrr—5h17!! Gawd, I am awful!”
“Yeah, we know..”

These kind of flashbacks invoked me to turn back the clock a little further and tell you the story of “Scrubs Corner”

“Yawn...we don't care”

Yeah, I know. If you tired of this—just click the <--Back button.

Go on.

I'll wait.

No? Well then, leave an happy-go-lucky comment for me below.

Are you qualified to submit a reply? I present to you: “You know you shouldn't submit a reply when...”**

--->You haven't made a Top 8 at your local FNM.

--->Your rating isn't over 1600.

--->Your name or e-mail has words such as: “Scrub”, “Usuck”,“Nub”, or “Mastershake”.

--->You haven't won a FNM.

--->You criticize the person for grammatical errors, or poor writing while leaving a paper trail full of grammatical error and sloppy writing.

--->You don't leave your full name and e-mail.

--->You don't leave your full name, e-mail, address, phone number after leaving a stupid reply so we can't track you down.

Jk. I love all my peeps. Especially the sugar coated ones...umm, those are the best.

Seven years ago, my friend, Shane, and I were playing a game of Magic, when he turned to me and said, “When we move in together, with Mattie [my other roommate], we should create a website that would be totally opposite than the dojo*. A site where scrubby players, like us, can go and read about our 'techy' decks and other ideas. A place where non-pro's can hang out and chat. We'll call it-Scrubs Corner!”

We both chuckled at this idea. You see, it was commonly known, among our friends, to create, and play with our sealed decks. We had a pile (near 10,000) of MTG cards we'd dip our hands into-throw out a few hundred cards, and shuffle them up. We'd count out 75 cards for the both of us, and then try to make a deck. The funny thing about this was that we had sets from Dark to the current set. We'd end up with decks with the weirdest of combos. I lost 80% of my games to Shane in the apartment, and only 5% outside; call it karma or home turf, but he was unbeatable.

I was instantly hooked. What a great idea I thought! There was only one problem. Once we all moved into an apartment, Shane started to play other games, and moved away from the idea. Around this time, other website started to pop up. I had wrote a little for dojo, but when that closed down, I moved onto forums, and gradually to brainburst, starcitygames, grimmoire, mtgnews, and casualplayers.
I had no “real” home. The idea was a great one, but it died, like Kurt Han's longevity in Mtg.

Shane commented one day, “Why don't you just write some 5h177y articles. Call it “Scrubs Corner” like we had proposed. You could include some of my deck lists, and how I build my sealed decks.”

Once again, I was caught up into his idea. So I moved on and started writing them. I never really changed the title of my articles since I felt I owed a little to the ghost website I should have created. Also, I am honest with the mistakes I make. I feel no obligation to fluff up the plays to cloud the eyes of any readers (3 and counting!) that I might have.
“Scrubs Corner” is a work in progress, my life in full view, and my best attempt at creating original articles that can help other MTG'ers. In essence, it is myself, virtually, in writing.

Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

* At the time, this was THE website. Back then, if you could get onto a computer the night before a tournament, you'd head for the latest article or tech insight by Mike Flores or Dave Price. Ahhh, the days..

**Only intended in a humorous manner. I have to state it this way because most of the time I feel as if they are coming from a person who hasn't succeeded in MTG or life, and why would I want a reply from an idiot like that?

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