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"Scrubs Corner":
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
My feelings ,so far, on "The Rock" are....well, you could say, still the same...

I ran my version I listed on my previous article at a PTQ in Madison, Wisconsin. I missed Top 8th, ending 10th place with a 6-2 record.

I beat two and lost one to Rock decks running Living Wish main. Obviously this card was amazing against me, and when they did get to play it, I was able to handle the game. However, most of the time, if I got off a Duress or Cabal Therapy on them-they would lose.

-"How did you get a Living Wish out of their hands? Shouldn't they have cast it before you did it?"

No. They would hold onto it, most of the time, waiting for an 'answer' to a threat. This was one my problems that I raised before. The other problem was that they wouldn't have Vampiric Tutor main, or not enough of them. If I drew Vampiric, I went my card instantly. I wasn't secluded to my sideboard. But, there is no doubt Living Wish is a great card main, however I won't play it.

This deck was able to take on RDW because of my Wall of Blossoms, Elders, and Vampiric main. The mirror match is all about who draws the better hand. It really is that easy.
Against RDW...if I got a Wall in play, I was O.K.
If I got an Elder I had a 60 percent chance of winning.

-"Why is that?"

Because land destruction is amazing against this deck. God forbid if I resolved a Ravenous Baloth. You might as well scoop it up. I SB'ed in Edict and the extra Smother every time.

The Tog match-up was a breeze. However, I lost to Trinity Green, or Mono Green Beats. I thought Deed would be the answer to this game, but it is harder than I thought. They can Living Wish, off the top, or second turn, for a Genesis, and this really stalls the game. Luckily I have one main Withered Wretch.
I recommend this guy. At least one! He helped against Tog, U/G, and Trinity Green.
They have Masticore, Deranged Hermit, and Co.

Bad Times. eat my own hat.* Spiritmonger is possible main. Or at least 3-4 Ravenous main. But the Spiritmonger would be plausible. I run 4 Birds 2 Elves, and there were times I could have easily dropped this guy with ease on turn 4.

I plan on writing a report for this PTQ, so I won't get too indepth on changes, etc. I just wanted to update to all those "The Rock" players...

Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

*Tip of a hat to EDT....

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