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Contest Entry - Oath of Scholars
By Eric Chima
Welp, this is Apollo once again, back for another round of criticism on my latest deck: an Oath of Scholars deck (thanks for the name Rancor).

Toast of Scholars

4x Oath of Scholars
4x Ensnaring Bridge
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Shock
4x Seal of Fire
4x Mogg Fanatic
3x Incinerate
4x Cursed Scroll
3x Seismic Assault
2x Impulse
9x Island
15x Mountain

The deck is designed to get down the Oath and an Ensnaring Bridge for card drawing and control. You can empty your hand of burn and excess land with the Assault. At this point, the fact that everything is very cheap should allow you to stay at 0 cards the rest of the game. They can't attack, and every turn you can use the Oath. The Oath allows you to get more burn and you just roast them with all of the cards you're drawing. You discard excess land to the Assault and deal even more damage. With the empty hand, you can Scroll easily. The Fanatics are for taking out weenies in the early game, and the occasional opponent with an Ivory Mask. With the Scroll, you can take out all of their creatures and just attack over and over with the Fanatic (it's happened to me before).

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