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"Scrubs Corner": 'Pointless' Article No.2
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Thank you God.


Ancient Tomb is banned
Goblin Recruiter is banned
Grim Monolith is banned
Hermit Druid is banned
Oath of Druids is banned
Tinker is banned

Ah, yes, the wicked witch is dead.
No mas combo.

However, I wonder why they even let this come to this?
1. Is WOTC intentionally allowing for 'broken' decks to be created, to only ban them?
2. Does WOTC have competent MTG testers?

What would they benefit for allowing these kind of cards, or decks, to dominate formats? However, to keep this a sane argument I have admit that foresight of cards your creating, to have an impact upon future formats, would be difficult. Or would it? I mean, after all, we have the amazing ZVI who can see a combo deck, or broken card, coming a mile away. I would say the 'broken' decks would be easier to foresee than a single card. However, it is plausible, and no reason for them not to take action to filter out this kind of 'problem'. [Only a problem if you are losing to this deck, or couldn't build it]
A. Money. Keep the interest in MTGer's by allowing for an influx of usable cards, that might not have been used, to only filter them out later.
B. Strategy. This would keep the format players on their toes. This would allow for a non-stagnant format; the more the format changes, and evolves, the better it is.

There was one card that I didn't think needed banning.

Goblin Recruiter
Goblin Recruiter's ability to stack an arbitrarily large portion of your deck allows goblin-based combo decks to kill as early as turn 2. That's too fast for a healthy environment and the Recruiter is one of several casualties of our effort to eliminate realistic turn 2 kills from the environment"

Yes, there alot of good goblins out there. However, this deck, since it isn't a "fast" card, would be slightly slower than a mono-red or sligh deck.
All you needed to do was kill the goblin decks kill card. This wasn't it. And with the "speed" cards of Ancient Tomb and Grim Monolith gone, makes this a hell of a lot slower.

And, oh, yeah...for those who still play this format:
Burning Wish
Chrome Mox
Lion's Eye Diamond

But I suspect it will be only a 'Tan' fella who will write his next thesis on it.

"You COULD play Type 1: If only you had the cards,you could find players, and if it wasn't so luck-based. #1,356. Part 2 of Chronicle D."
20 Gigs to download.

Man do I need dual lands. I want to offer up a free forum below (REPLY=FORUM) to cards in 5-colored.
It's not easy. There are so many cards I want to play, yet so little space. Crazy huh? 250 cards, and I am having a HARD time finding room.

Now, I am not Puffy rich. So, I do with I have. I mean, I had to order Contract From Below on Ebay...
Cheez, I remember flipping these cards at my friend's head on a Friday night.
Now they want me to pay for them? Where has the time gone?

Let me break down the colors, and justify their existence. I designed my deck around mostly creatures that beat down, create answers, or are threats.
Thornscape Battlemage would be considered an answer for artifact destruction and damage dealing. Shadowmage Infiltrator is a threat because of the damage it can inflict with card drawing, not its "1" power.


4 x Erhnam Djinn
3 x Deranged Hermit
4 x Thornscape Battlemage
4 x Yavimaya Elder
4 x River Boa
4 x Call of the Herd
1 x Nettletooth Djinn
4 x Skyshroud Elite
4 x Wild Mongrel
1 x Genesis
3 x Uktabi Orangutan
1 x Hermit Druid

4 x Serendib Efreet

4 x Flametongue Kavu
1 x Anger
4 x Avalanche Riders
3 x Thunderscape Battlemage

1 x Gravedigger
1 x Withered Wretch
1 x Undead Gladiator

4 x Spectral Lynx

4 x Spiritmonger
2 x Psychotog
3 x Shadowmage Infiltrator

So the question lies in 'which' creature for green.
Does the Djinn or Blastoderm make the spot. Sure, I think it makes a difference if you have duals, or multi-colored lands. However, I don't have duals. So I think the Djinn makes it. I am not happy with the Elder at times. But he comes up with lands, which I need at times, to help out my deck. Am I being too picky with not wanting double green spells?

What about the other creatures? Obviously I need Morphling. Does shadowmage make the cut? I like him but at times he just seems to die to X spells from the opponent. I would love to have Savannah Lions in here. Is the 2/1 loveable lion worth keeping? The genesis and anger are part of the buried alive combo. I don't use the anger as much, and I realize I need Squee and company, but until then, is he worth keeping?
Is the mighty spectral lynx worth defending?

These are questions I have in my 5-c Deck and welcome any comments.

-Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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