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Contest Entry - Altar of Dementia
By Eric Chima
You all know me as Apollo from the message boards. In this article, I'll tell you about a deck idea revolving around Altar of Dementia.

4x Altar of Dementia (surprise, surprise)
4x Weatherseed Treefolk
4x Shivan Phoenix
4x Sneak Attack
4x Weatherseed Treefolk
4x Skyshroud Elf
4x Llanowar Elf
2x Seal of Fire
4x Lightning Bolt
13 Mountain
11 Forest

This deck is designed to get any two three-card combos: Altar/Sneak/Weatherseed, or Altar/Sneak/Phoenix. Once you get these out, Sneak the creature into play, sac it to the Altar, and repeat until they run out of cards. There is ample fast mana to get this combo out quickly. Plus, the fast mana can allow you to get on of the two reccuring creatures, which serve as an opposing blocker that never goes away. You use them as roadblocks until the combo shows up. The Skyshroud Elves may seem an odd choice, but they allow you to use any excess green mana to fuel the Sneak Attack even more.

If you have any dual lands or pain lands, I'd add them. If you have City of Brasses, and have enough multi-lands to do so, I would add white for Enlightened Tutors to find the Sneak and Altar or black for Vampiric/Demonic Tutors, depending on what you have.

This deck is a lot of fun to play, and it is great to see the expression on your opponent's faces the first time you pull the combo on them. It can even beat an Opposition lock by Sneaking creatures out in response to the tapping of lands. Anyway, I hope you like the deck. If you have suggestions, please send them to me at:

Eric Chima

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