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Scourge limited review
By Tim Deering
Scourge Limited Review

This review will be my top 5 common picks of each color and some of the more important uncommons of the set. It will also talk about my picks for tier 1 decks since scourges release.


1. Zealous Inquisitor
This is easily the best white common in the set. Remember glarecaster, this is almost the same except smaller. Your opponent will think twice about attacking because of itís ability to pick of smaller creatures. This will consist of most of their utility creatures. Also the Inquisitor is whites best answer to Sparksmith, easily the most broken card in the format.

2. Aven Farseer
Some people may question this card so close to the top, however any deck running white is probably going the speed route. Sure it starts as a 1/1 flyer but it can get big in a hurry, and it may stop people from playing morph creatures face down, which alone is a reason to run it.

3. Guilty Conscience
In most cases this will be a very effective creature kill. Sure it will get one more attack in, but you can always chump block it. And it only requires 1 white mana so it can come out any turn you need it. It can also help stifle a rush of early creatures.

4. Aven Liberator
This is another quality flyer. It also has a useful trick to stop one of your opponents removal spells or kill one of their creatures without your creature dying. Finally it can also help you get through those last points of damage by making one of your creatures unblockable.

5. Frontline Strategist
This provides a decent combat trick, as most white decks have lots of creatures. Itís simple most of their creatures die and your soldiers stay alive.

Some uncommon spells that will give white decks a boost are Daru warchief, Karonaís Zealot, Silver Knight, and Wing Shards


1. Rush of Knowledge
This is by far the best blue card in the set. In the late game it refills your hand, drawing your upwards of 4 to 5 cards. This will be a welcome addition to any blue deck.

2. Dispersial Shield
This provides a good low casting cost counter that blue has been lacking in limited. In most cases you should have at least a 2 casting cost permanent in play and will make this a miscalculation. Sure it would be better with cycling, but with blues precious few counterspells this is one of the best.

3. Raven Guild Initiate
Most blue decks have at least a couple birds in them. The effectiveness of this card is the ability to save one of them from a removal spell or combat damage. This is quite an effective combat trick, returning a card to your hand and your opponent losing a spell, or board presence.

4. Frozen solid
A great spell for slowing down your opponents tempo. This spell will be great in any blue tempo deck. Also it can be a decent creature kill if combined with red.

5. Temporal Fissure
Whatís more fun than bouncing a ton of your opponents permanants. This is another great tool for the blue tempo decks that I believe will be appearing.

Some of blueís stellar uncommons are Pemminís Aura, Thundercloud Elemental, and Metamorphose.


1. Reaping the Graves
This is an awesome card advantage machine, even if it turns out to be a raise dead it will still be good, getting you a quality creature back while not losing card advantage. This card also has the potential of returning an entire army to your hand. An excellent first pick.

2. Lingering Death
Another quality creature kill for black getting rid of annoying utility creatures like sparksmith and wellwisher. All in all this maybe one of blacks best creature kills.

3. Carrion Feeder
Sure this is up pretty high on the list but when you can replace your dying creatures with +1/+1 counter I would say it is quite a bargain. It is also a more permanent version of nantuko husk and cheaper. This alone should warrant it a top pick.

4. Dragon Shadow
This card grants permanent evasion to any of your creatures and a power boost. Your opponent wonít last long when you drop it on one of your fatties. Plus if it gets destroyed it can be returned to play when you throw down a large enough creature. This is a solid pick, and is very good when you can get multiples.

5. Twisted Abomination
Whatís better than a large fatty that can regenerate and can fix your mana base. Look for this as a finisher for zombie and cleric decks.

Black has some of the best uncommons of all the colors, the main ones are Undead warchief, Putrid Raptor, Tendrils of Agony, and Chill Haunting.


1. Scattershot
This has the potential of taking out a lot of creatures late game, or fininshing off your opponent. It can also get rid of annoying utility creatures.

2. Torrent of Fire
In the r/g archtype this will shine. Being able to do a large amount of damage to a creature or player. This is a quality creature kill for red and in Scourge red gets precious few. A solid pick if your playing r/g.

3. Rock Jockey
A solid third turn 3/3 creature. The missed land drop isnít that big of deal either. Plus it can carelessy block morph creatures and a 2 turn elvish warrior. This is one of the best creatures in scourge for a red mage.

4. Chartooth Cougar
Arguably better than the rock jockey. A 4/4 for six that can pump. Itís the equivalent of a shivan dragon without flying, and as a common itís easier to pull.

5. Goblin War Strike
Whatís better than a tribal version of mob justice in limited play. Okay quite a lot, however with the large amount goblins this can be used as a finisher in goblin decks.

Red also has some high quality uncommons, they include Goblin Warchief and Carbonize. Red also has, in my opinion, the best uncommon in the set in Enrage. Remember lava burst and the other x spells, they were able to take huge amounts of life and win the game for their controller. As an instant it should have no problem hitting your opponent, and if you get desperate you can possibly pick off a big creature.


1. Accelerated mutation
This can function almost the same as a berserk without killing off your creatures. Itís a bit exspensive but the investment is worth it. It save your creatures from burn and combat damage. This will be one of the most feared combat tricks in the game.

2. Wirewood Guardian
A big fatty that will make a welcome addition to any green mages army. It also has the versatility of forestcycling which will help fix your mana base. A little less powerful than Krosan Tusker, but almost as good.

3. Sprouting Vines
Okay I may be going out on limb with this pick, but I believe it is one of the best green commons in the set. It can thin the lands in your deck decreasing the chance of drawing a late game land. It also does wonders for 3 color deckís mana base.

4. Titanic Bulvox
Another great fatty for a green mage with the built in utility of trample that few creatures have.

5. Dragon Fangs
Letís face it there have been many huge creatures in onslaught and legions, the only problem is that they donít have trample. The Fangs fixes that problem and gives an added +1/+1 bonus.

Green has a few decent uncommons in Claws of Wirewood and Krosan Warchief.

Tier 1 Decks

So with the additon of scourge what are the tier 1 decks.

U/W tempo
U/W has been hurting without a way to remove utility creatures like sparksmith and wellwisher. That changes as white receives some decent removal with Zealous Inquisitor and Guilty Conscience. Both colors also have some decent flyers and a lot of cards to slow down your opponents tempo. Also worth mentioning is that blue finally gets some reliable counterspells too.

B/W cleric
This archtype gets an awesome tool with edgewalker and will speed up its tempo quite a bit. Also with whites creature kill it wonít rely so heavily on black for removal. Plus Reaping the Graves will give your clerics more power.

R/W Goblin
With the high quality flyers these decks will get the job done fast. Also the damge prevention, direct damage and the obvious sparksmith will keep your opponent at an absolute standstill. Enrage will also give this deck a powerful finisher, a tool it hasnít had before.

R/G Beatdown
This deck is all going to be about one card, enrage. With the massive amount of lands this deck can generate it will easily be a powerful card and will win games on itís own. This deck also has great removal spells and combat tricks. Against this deck if the game can be stalled out this deck will easily come out the victor.

U/R tempo
While losing some power after legions, this archtype gets a big boost from scourge. It receives even more quality tempo cards and it gets the obvious enrage. It does lose some burn spells, however it gets even more quality bounce and counterspells. These will give u/r tempo a chance to be a tier 1 deck again.

So that is my take on the addition of scourge to limited play. It will have a big impact on what decks come out ahead. On a final note, if you see enrage take it no matter what colors your playing. It will be worth it even if you canít use it because you wonít have to play against it.

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