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More Cool White Stuff - and no Oreos allowed!!!...
By Robert Hilliard
G'day - Welcome to me Protective Enchantments Enchant Rant, Part 2!...

The first thing I want to make clear: as I was writing this, I realized that White is the only color in Magic that is "Vengeful".

Just something I observed, and will probably discuss after the Enchant Rants are done...

Now on with it:

White Enchantments can be protective in a lot of ways. The main one being offensive and
D-fensive at the same time. What's neat about that is, a lot of weapons that white uses to boost it's defenses, are also great for offense. Here's a few examples, Well.. not a few, this whole rant will be on this topic...

Moat - for 2WW, this rare from Legends says "Creatures without flying can't attack." Notice the period after the word attack. It's very straight and to the point - if they don't fly, they don't attack. Perfect for Birds decks - and all the new birds stuff out there.

Enduring Renewal - a 2WW, Ice Age rare - "Play with your hand revealed. ; If you would draw a card, reveal it instead. If it's a creature card, put it into your graveyard. Otherwise draw it. ; If a creature would be put into your graveyard from play, put that creature into your hand instead." So basically you get to draw every turn, and pitch creatures to the graveyard... not a bad deal if you're running a Genesis, or Resurrection... and it allows you to get your creatures back after they battle your opponent's creatures. It may be long and slow... maybe painful, but in the end it is an offensive tool...

Gerrard's Battle Cry - a W cc Tempest rare -
"{2}{W}: Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn." Okay - read it again: "{2}{W}: Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn." Can you think of anything better in white?! for Offense and Defense?!!!... Got extra mana, why not pump your guys. Earthquake doing damage, oh look, you're guys can handle it. Perfect for white Weenie decks, and mirror matches.

Orim's Prayer - a 1WW UNCOMMON from Tempest
"Whenever a creature attacks you, you gain 1 life." Talk about Offensive - this thing is huge in the life gain war... Okay, so it's not a weapon, but it does present a hardship, and anything that can make your opponent's life a little more miserable, before you beat him with Amrou Kitkin, is worth playing. Perfect against weenies.

Glorious Anthem - a 1WW Saga/7th rare. "Creatures you control get +1/+1." It's not as cheap as crusade, but it is better. It's offensive, and D-fensive. It allows you to splash other colors, and all your creatures get the bonus! How 'bout a tree lover's deck - Birds and Squirrels anyone?!!...

Okay - Next are the opals... and I'll just list some to make it an easy 1 paragraph about many cards... Here are 2 examples:

Opal Caryatid, W - becomes a 2/2 Soldier.
Opal Gargoyle, 1W - a 2/2 flying Gargoyle.

Each of them starts off as an Enchantment, and becomes a creature as soon as your opponent plays a creature, mostly. Wrath, clear the board with 3-4 of these out, and dare your opponent to play something now, besides a Nevinyrral's Disk...

Crackdown - a 2W Masques rare "Nonwhite creatures with power 3 or greater don't untap during their controllers' untap steps" This is an offensive and defensive card. It stops you from getting beat down, but allows your guys to roll... even your Serra Avatar!...

Aegis of Honor - a W Odyssey rare "{1}: The next time an instant or sorcery spell would deal damage to you this turn, that spell deals that damage to its controller instead." Now this thing is offensive and defensive. Not bad huh?!!!... Dang right not bad - this baby even beat the caster of an Urza's rage, with their own Urza's rage. White knows how to lay the smack down. This is the proof.

Divine Sacrament - a 1WW Odyssey rare "White creatures get +1/+1. ; Threshold - White creatures get an additional +1/+1." Isn't this pretty?!. White weenie gets even better - Run 4 of these and 4 crusades and you have +12/+12s running around, and that's before the Coat of Arms hits the table, but with threshold of course...:eek:

Karmic Justice - a 2W Odyssey rare "Whenever a spell or ability an opponent controls destroys a noncreature permanent you control, you may destroy target permanent that opponent controls." This is single-handedly an "I dare you!" type of card." Run in an Enchantment deck, and let your opponent disk away... 'cause we all know he won't have any land left when you're done.

Mobilization - a 2W Onslaught rare "Attacking doesn't cause Soldiers to tap. ; {2}{W}: Put a 1/1 white Soldier creature token into play." This is another offensive/defensive Power-chantment. This slowly builds an army for you, while allowing you to stave off early defeat. Where's the Crusades, Anthems, and Coats now?!!!...

Well... that's about it for this installment. join me next time as I talk about more... well... white stuff.

'Til then, may your weenies roll to victory!


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