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Kicker? You Kicker! Kick Something!
By Robert Hilliard
The Kicker ability first appeared in Invasion Block on 65 cards through 3 sets – Invasion, Planeshift, and Apocalypse. And had a profound effect on the game. Cards did more, for just a little more mana. And one thing became apparent as Kicker was implemented into that standard environment: The ability was a way of slowing things down, and improving playability of cards, you wouldn’t normally play.

Kudos to WOTC for making us want to play with cards when they could’ve fueled my marshmallow roasts. Okay, okay, so not all cards with kicker were horrible, in fact, some were strong enough to become staples in major decks and meta-game strategy.

I’ll start by listing the gar-bauge: If I have to explain any of these – here’s your sign…

Arctic Merfolk
Benalish Lancer
Bog Down
Dralnu’s Pet
Emblazoned Golem
Ertai’s Trickery
Explosive Growth
Faerie Squadron
Falling Timber
Kangee, Aerie Keeper
Kavu Aggressor
Llanowar Elite
Pincer Spider
Prison Barricade
Scorching Lava
Shivan Emissary
Strength of Night
Urborg Skeleton
Verduran Emissary
Vodalian Serpent

Another card, Saproling Infestation, was nice enough to take advantage of all these kicked cards and put 1/1 tokens into play everytime someone paid the kicker cost, even if the spell didn’t resolve.

There were a few power “kickers” I’ll discuss soon. Urza’s rage, Desolation Angel, and Kavu Titan are among them. Rage and Angel providing new meta-game strategies for the environment.

For now, take all the cards you own listed above, package them up, and send them back to WOTC. [Or send them to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman -Spidey] Demand a Mox for each one you sent in, that way you get nicely reimbursed for your time of storing these wastes of space, and can afford psychiatric therapy for your other cards. It must have been traumatizing to them to have to share space with such… cardboard.

Until Next Time, and hoping you get your Moxen!


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