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Enchant Worlds in Casual Play
By Robert Hilliard
Enchant World Article 1:
Enchant Worlds In Casual Play!!!

Okay, let’s start off by talking about the really good casual Enchant World cards. Many of these cards could easily be played in casual and multiplayer games, but are often overlooked. More recent cards also echo or copy the abilities on enchant world cards, and may seem a little more playable to individuals. A good example would be Seismic Assault. For 3 red – you may discard land cards from your hand to deal 2 damage to a target. It’s counterpart, Land’s Edge, an Enchant World costing 2-red and a colorless mana, gives that ability to anyone. The obvious advantage is that you choose what happens with the Seismic Assault.

What I really want to do is provide a list of good casual Enchant World cards in the Casual or multiplayer style game. Listed below are the good casual and multiplayer cards that could add a little fun to a play group, or inspire new ideas for individuals. I’ll give my casual reasoning for each next to the card listed.

If you’d like to see exactly what these cards do, just go and search the rules database, and an errata/oracled version of the rules text will appear, along with any pertinent rulings. Since the below list is for Casual play, your group, or opponent and yourself may decide to play the card differently. If so, that’s great, that’s what casual Magic is all about!

Arboria - great multiplayer: people not drawing needed cards early won’t get stomped.
Bazaar of Wonders - great multiplayer: forces highlander style of play.
Concordant Crossroads – good multiplayer: bad if someone’s running an Aluren deck
Elkin Lair – great multiplayer: makes for interesting game play.
Eye of Singularity – great multiplayer: great for highlander style.
Field of Dreams – great multiplayer: this and revelation, blue’s worst enemy.
Hall of Gemstone – good multiplayer: makes for interesting gameplay and color manipulation..
In the Eye of Chaos – great multiplayer: especially for tribal styles of play.
Land's Edge – good multiplayer: great for late land draws, beneficial for madness.
Null Chamber – great multiplayer: good for groups dominated by power decks.
Revelation – great multiplayer: this and field of dreams.
Teferi's Realm – great multiplayer: very good for all types of play.
Tombstone Stairwell – great multiplayer: very for interesting multiplayer scenarios.

The above list of cards contains all colors. That means an Enchant World is out there that can be used in any deck running a color. For you Brown players, artifact decks, well, you have ways of producing colored mana. So there’s no excuse. Don’t have any – these cards are not in high demand, and you can probably find them easily tradable.

The best idea I can give you is to have a stack of Enchant World cards for your play group. At the beginning of your game, randomly pick one, and use it as a card in play, that remains in play no matter what happens. I think you’ll see a new and innovative style of play arise, even from the Blue control player out there.

Enjoy your game!


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