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MTG Fans to meet in your town on March 5th
By William

This is William from Meetup.

We have received requests from many Magic fans suggesting we create
an International Magic Meetup Day, a chance for Magic players worldwide to
meet each other locally to talk about cards, trade, and discuss strategy.

We listened and have scheduled the next International Magic Meetup
Day for Wednesday, March 5th (the 1st Wednesday of every month). See the
details here:

A quick summary of Meetup. Meetup creates real-world group gatherings about
anything anywhere. We've built a technology and a network of venues (cafes,
bars, etc.) that can help any interest group easily organize local monthly
meetups in over 530 cities across 27 countries.

If you'd like to help get word out to fans everywhere, we've created
some links to use if you'd like:

For a reciprocal link, please contact us at:

Finally, if you know of anything we can do to improve this for you and the
M:TG community, please let me know and we'll do our best. Anything at
all -- from better venues in one town, to better ideas of getting the word
out -- we'll try our best to make this great for all of you.

Please let me know of any questions or comments.


William Finkel

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