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The Hum of the Universe (Mystical Mystical)
By Sid Jackson
(the screen fades into wavy proportions signaling the nostalgic flashback...)

Long ago, in the days when we all thought thalids were so cool, casual decks were all anybody played around here. They were what I was brought up on (magic-wise), and the only way i payed attention to how to play. Often seen throughout the FNM scene were "angel" decks, "burn" decks, and the ever-popular "dragon" deck. So innocent were we in these times that we didn't bother to think of the force of wills, moxes, and lotuses that would have so quickly emptied our wallets and upped our competitiveness to the paranormal heights that I see now when drifting through the vast sea of MTG sites. People are so concerned with what's hot in t2, what Kai Buddie's deck is, what Jon Finkel's deck is, they just jot down what's in it, switch a card or two around, and call it their own. In my opinion, that is not original. I never thought the point of magic was to beat everybody you played with that $200 dollar tolarian academy deck, i thought it was to have fun. That's what got me interested about this site. It's called "The Casual Player's Alliance", so i'm hoping this deck will get a much better turnout then it did on my homesite, (shameless link)

now, onto the deck.

It was a cold, cold Monday morning when I first thought of the idea. (Why I thought of the idea of building a magic deck that early in the morning when i was already late for school is beyond me, but that stuff sorta just happens sometimes, you know?) Astral slide. wow. i don't think i've ever seen an uncommon have that many different and interesting effects. What a card to build a deck for, especially seeing as how light it was for $. So (after school) i got to thinking about exactly what cards would be good in this kind of a deck. 14 hours and 17 cups of coffee later, it dawned on me. Morph! cycle a card, remove your moprhed morpher from the game, then it comes back in as it's good old self you were so happy to have drawn so many turns ago. Okay, so i had my base. Now what? Cycling, of course. So what would be good cycling. After a session almost as long as the first, consisting of many permanent eye damaging stares at spoiler generators, i decided blue was the best way to splash for cycling, on the ground that i really like quicksilver dragon and blue has the countering. Off i went to piece together the best fo the best cyclers, with the best of the best morphers and some astral slide. After some revision and playtesting, the product so far is this:

//The Hum of the Universe (Mystical, Mystical)
//Builder: Sid Jackson
//Format: casual, w/u

1x absorb
4x astral slide
4x radiant's judgement
4x mana leak
4x complicate
4x miscalculation
3x rescind
1x trade secrets (just because it's so good)
4x fluctuator
4x quicksilver dragon
4x exalted angel
1x krosan colossus (to see the look on thier face)
4x tundra
4x coastal tower
9x island
5x plains

It's a little slow, but it's slowness is made up for by how fun it is to play. but it's still not quite good enough to be up to par in the casual scene, so any suggestions would be helpful.

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