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The Road to Tourneyland: A Call to Arms!
By Mark Ortego
The Road to Tourneyland: A Call to Arms!

Sorry, I couldn't think up of a catchier title. Anyway. We all know that John "Friggin'" Rizzo left because of "X" number of reasons one of which was the lack of writing on the internet pertaining to Magic.

I remember reading one of his articles where he mentioned that everyone, and he meant EVERYONE, has a story to tell about their experiences playing Magic.

I also remember hearing Martha Quinn (Early 80's MTV VJ) once saying to Billy Idol in an interview that once something has meaning to someone, then it'll have meaning to someone else too. Like your experiences.

You may not have a personal interest in some random article written by some unknown but I guarantee that someone else will. Oh, it may be some little aspect like a game situation or how their opponent was nice or rude, or that the writer's writing is just good or humorous. Heck, it might even contain SOME GOOD Tech!

So I have an idea. How about YOU writing an article/tourney report. Yeah, YOU!!!

Every week? No. Once in a while? Maybe. At least once, just for the heck of it? YES!

It's real easy, just follow this simple template and give it a go.


**Name: Mark Ortego

**Date: May 18, 2002

**Event: Judgement Pre Release

**Place: Butler Days Inn (Just North of Pittsburgh)

**About how many you think are in attendance (ask the tourney organizer this question before you leave)

**Start of day: This would be the "Road Trip" portion of the story, you know, Norbert & I stayed up the night before and got like two hours sleep and we had to pick up Dexter at his house by 5:30 a.m. etc.......I know that Theron Martin would just be repulsed at this part of the report/article, but he doesn't write about magic anymore, does he?

**What the crowd looked like when you got there and who you knew and said, "Wazzz-up!" too and all. Also, shameless name dropping is allowed so if you see David Price or Steven OMS or Tony wait, this isn't skateboarding, whatever. Anyway, plug their name if you want, goodness know that Johnny Riz did it.

**Tell us what event you participated in.

**Game/Round notes:
*List the key cards you received or drafted, a whole list may not be that important unless it has an integral part in the report like, "I drafted X broken Rare but didn't splash the color for it because if I did then I would've hosed my opponent...yadda, yadda, yadda,...."
*Tell us the colors of your deck and maybe a full or partial deck list, etc...
*Keep a score sheet of your games with brief notes about key plays (ex. what you're opening hand was like, etc...).
*What your opponent was like (nice person or some Fat Crank).
*Tell us how stellar your endgame was or how you got mana screwed and besides, your opponent got lucky
*Keep a record of you game/match win/losses (EVEN IF YOU GO 0-2!!!!), someone might benefit from that information.

**Give us your "Props and Slops" because we all want to know the "Dirt" on everyone (Hey, "negative" sells!) and we also want to know what was good about the event, too.

If you suffer from "I ain't got nuttin' to say" syndrome, then just write the report following my template and "Boom!", you'll be surprised at just how much you DID have to say. You suffer from bad grammar? So what, this is a magic article not a Master Degree's Dissertation.

Also, how about you invite your opponents and/or friends to check out your report here at the CPA, just jot down our web site address on a card or something and give it to them. It'll add credibility to your report if they check it out and respond (maybe even become a new member). Just remember that if you do this, don't embellish too much, you might be caught up in a difference of an opinion war with someone.

Afraid of crticism? Don't worry, it's a heck of a lot easier for someone with low-self esteem to make bad comments about someone elses reports instead of good constructive criticism. So expect it to happen and if it doesn't, two hoots for you!

Lastly, it is in my experience that the article must be written on your computer and saved first before submitting it to the CPA. Otherwise you tempt fate and may be cut off by your server or something and then all that writing is down the tubes. Also, it's less time on the internet which could be spent for more time reading or searching.

Here's what I do now: I write the report on "WordPerfect" and then I highlight the entire article and right click and select copy, then I go get on the internet and log on to the CPA and hit Submit Article on the front page and get the cursor on the part of the screen where you write the report and right click and select paste. It's just that easy.

If you've never written a report before then you owe it to yourself to do it, if only for no other reason than you can say it wasn't your fault that the next great writer quit because YOU didn't contribute to the Magic community (heh).

One last thing, as you may have noticed, I keep my paragraphs down to a minimum, with all the short attention span speeds out there (Like me), small chunks of wordage is the way to go.

Turn a new leaf, start this coming weekend with the pre-release, give it a try, you'll like it!
Good luck to everyone this weekend! Have F.U.N. and you remember what F.U.N. stands for, don't you?

"F. is for Friends who do stuff together
U. is for you and me.
N. is for anytime, anywhere and anyplace
Under the deep blue sea."

Later, "O"

PS - If you are writing a report on a constructed tourney, then PLEASE include a deck list, if you want to keep the tech in your deck secret then I suggest you don't write a report at all (ya big tease!).

PPS - Maybe, just maybe, you can submit your article to Star City or Brainburst and tell them that your article is on the front page of the CPA, the worst thing they can do is say "No".

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