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What makes a person a Scrub?
By Richard Koelsch
What makes a player a scrub? This article is about making card choices and the thought processes behind it. I am not presenting myself as an experience deck builder. This article is meant to provoke some discussion on how absolute is optimal. I have a deck that I take to small Standard Tournament at a local card shop. Here is the current deck list.

4-Devoted Caretaker
4-Meddling Mage
4-Spectral Lynx
4-Galina's Knight
4-Lieutenant Kirtar
4-Glorious Anthem
2-Fact or Fiction

22 Land


4-Obsidian Acolyte
3-Orim's Chant
2-Aegis of Honor
1-Sacred Ground

I need to put in 2 more cards. First off I will need to explain why I donít have 4 Fact or Fiction in here. That would be the most obvious choice. But I donít think that it deserves 4 slots here. My reasoning is that Fact or Fiction has three uses; Draw three cards, put cards in the graveyard (for threshold or reanimation) and find solutions. This deck makes no use of the graveyard so I donít need the 2nd use. I have included this to help if the game goes long and need to refill my hand. Because I donít need it early I could get by with 2. The last use find solutions are not as necessary in an aggro deck as in a control deck. While some creatures are better against some decks than others the primary goal is to cast creatures and turn them sideways. Now I realize a lot of people will not agree with me but I hope that I have explained my thought process so far.

So I still need 2 more cards. I would like them to be cantrips. With my low land count I would like to cycle through my deck. And it would be nice if they would be removal of some type. So I came up with 2 possibilities. If there are others please let me know. My choices are Repulse and Winnow. No, I didnít stutter I said Winnow. So let look at what these 2 do. Repulse costs 2U and returns a target creature to owners hand. This is just an excellent card so many uses I can even use it against a creatureless deck to save one of my creatures. It has only one drawback, its cost. I generally want to cast one creature each turn and have mana left over to use for the Caretaker, Lynx, Shelter or Kirtar. I get to 4 mana easy enough but 5 mana doesnít always happen. So I am wondering how often I will have it in hand and am unable to cast it.

Now lets look at Winnow for 1W you destroy a non-land permanent that has the same name as another permanent in play. This is considered by most to be too situational to be effective. Let me tell you what draws me to this card. The look on peopleís faces when it is used against them. ďWhat are you thinking playing with that card??Ē But it does fit into the mana curve nicely. And it is permanent removal instead of tempo.
So this brings us to the real crux of the article. Do I play with the optimal card (Repulse) or the fun card (Winnow)? Since I subscribe to the idea that fun comes first and winning second I will be using Winnow. Go ahead; just call me a scrub. I really donít mind, at least I realize this is just a game.

Richard Koelsch

Proud member of Team AWWAJALOOM

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