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Auction of the Peopleís Champions!
By Russell Sherman
Auction of the Peopleís Champions! (with apologies to the Rock and his millions, CCgprime, etc.)

First off, I donít even watch wrestling.

Secondly, (there is no second off), I LOVE theme decks. To death. Soldiers, knights, merfolk, goblins, and forests (donít laugh, I submitted one), are among the millions of decks Iíve created. And now I can tune them and send them in! So I build my decks and my brother, following me, builds some too. He gets the bright idea ďWhy donít we play each other?Ē

Okay, fine.

And he crushes me.

Why does he crush me? Because he plays counterspell in his wizards deck. One of the flavor texts is from ďErtai, wizard adeptĒ and besides wizards should be able to counter spells, right?

Letís look over the rules again.
1) Decks are allowed to use any Magic cards ever printed. (Yes, that includes non-tournament legal sets.) The only banned cards are ante cards as this format will not be using ante.

So, we have unglued. As Bruce Richard so kindly pointed out: This is you big chance to see the pros stand up and cluck like chickens, guys. Donít waste it. We ALSO have portal. Donít underestimate these sets, they have useful cards to add.

2) The judges will be looking for decks that are fun to play, are original and have a strong theme. They will not be judged on power level.

So, power level isnít important? Carl Jerrelís wizard deck uses moxes and sol rings and grindstones like thereís no tomorrow. Itíd crush any of mine in no time flat. But, um, moxes have nothing to do with wizardsÖ. Ah-ha. Theyíre not looking for the best deck. Just the most fun and inventive, with a strong theme.

3) We will only be choosing one deck per creature type. The more obscure creature type you use, the less competition you will have to get selected.

An interesting side-effect of this ruling: Few people will submit goblins and merfolk. However, Iím willing to bet (and this is my super-secret tech here) that barely anyone will submit rebel. Besides me, of course. And you, maybe. So look up chickens and minotaurs and rats. They could be useful.

4) People may submit as many decks as they like, but no person will have more than one deck chosen.
5) All decks must be turned in by Monday, September 10th at 12:00 pm PST.
6) Seventeen decks will be chosen. The designer of each deck will receive a limited edition Sideboard deck box signed by the Invitational player who played their deck.
7) No sideboard should be included with deck submissions.

All the technical stuff. Now, down to work, what do we have:

LOTS of creatures. Correct. Lots. Tons. Every deck runs creatures. And when we have lots of creatures we haveÖ..

FEW spells. Right. Removal is scarce, so take it where you can, but ONLY if it fits the theme. (ex. Wrath of God does not go in a goblin deck because you think god would be mad at them. Sorry.) Remember, power level isnít important. Mass removal would be nice (if anyone can find a way to play tsaboís world-crushiní decree here, I suggest you tell me and only me, please?)

So, how do you win this competition, you ask?

The judges will be looking for decks that are fun to play, are original and have a strong theme. They will not be judged on power level.

Ah ha! You know whatís fun to play? That minotaur deck using didgeridoo (more tech) that plays a turn 3 tahngarth and sends the beats. Beatdown is fun. Prison is, generally, not (if anyone out there has a prison chicken deck, though, itís fun). Bizzare races are fun. Soldiers arenít. Knights either. Goblins are more fun than merfolk which are more fun than elves. Not that any of those are all that fun. So build your decks. Donít use any non-land cards that arenít in keeping with your theme, and for godís sake, take the opportunity to make those pros have fun again. Please. Hands up all those who wants to see Finkel win by attacking with zodiac roosterÖÖ

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