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T2 Tourney
By Michael Groves
T2 Tournament
London, England
May 07, 2001

Spent night before tournament at Sam's, relaxing in his brand new hot tub and eating Chinese. Mmmm cashew nuts. Play a few games of magic, and then go to bed around 2:00 am. Wake up at 8:00, and get on train at Rayleigh at 10:00. Got to Liverpool Street on time, despite an alleged 1 hour delay (don't ask). Had some McDonalds for lunch and arrive well in time for registration. We fill in our decklists, with me having to help Iain learn to count. Our decks were as follows. Iain was playing Counter-Rebel, Sam was playing some red creature thing, Mike was playing R/B Land Destruction with Shivan Dragons, and I was playing Fires:


4 Rhystic Lightning
3 Flametongue Kavu (zap!)
4 Chimeric Idol
3 Hull Breach
4 Blastoderm(he big)
2 Shivan Wurm(he bigger)
4 Saproling Burst
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Fires of Yavimaya

3 Karplusan Forest
13 Forest
8 Mountain


2 Hunted Wumpus(My super secret anti-control tech that never saw play )
3 Tangle
3 Kavu Chameleon
3 Hurricane
2 Creeping Mold
1 Hull Breach
1 Flametongue Kavu

I was very happy with this build, and I expected to do better that I did at my first constructed event(this being my second). Anyway, pairings go up, and I settle down to my first round game. Format is 6 rounds of swiss and then a cut to top 4.

Round 1
Graham Baker playing Mono-Red Bridge-Skullcap
Game 1: I start by rolling a 1 with him rolling a 20! He started by shocking my early mana producers, and then playing tangle wire locking up my lands, then Ensnaring Bridge and Grafted Skullcap making my creatures useless and then burning me to death without me playing a single offensive creature. Not the start I was hoping for. He pleasantly informs me that he lost all games in testing to Fires. Grrr
Game 2: I side in Hunted Wumpus as he didn't play any creatures game 1, and more artifact removal, for the Bridge/Skullcap combo. Same as again, except no Bridge or Skull cap, just Wires and 2 Skizziks which duly dealt out the damage to me.

Round 2
Larry Davies playing Fires
Game 1: I manage to roll a 19, and think things are on the up, and then he proceeds to roll a 19 too . We roll again and he gets a 16 to my 7. I start well, with no Fires, but a Chimeric Idol and a Llanowar Elves dish out the beats, putting him down on 5, with him only having a Fires of Yavimaya in play. He then proceeds to play a Saproling Burst and smash my Face in.
Game 2: I side in Tangle, Flametongue Kavu and Hull Breach. Doesn't help as he gets out quicker and quickly beats me down. He is very gracious in victory, and we exchange some main and sideboard tech, his being Bedlam. A very cool man. Did some trading with him later too, as he need cards for his Invasion and Planeshift collection, and he gave me a very good deal.

So, 2 matches, 2 losses. Things can only get better right?

Round 3
David Eastman playing playing Mono Black Discard.
Game 1: He rolls a 19, to my 15, giving me my third dice loss in a row! I got mana screwed, with him removing whatever creatures I did get down and he played an Andradite Leech and pumped it and beat me senseless with it.
Game 2: I side in the Chameleons, figuring I could make his removal useless. I manage to get a Blastoderm down. And beat him for a couple of turns, but I stopped on 4 lands, and the 3 Kavu Chameleons in my hand did not make a showing until it was too late, and an Andradite Leech finsihed me again.

Round 4
I get a bye for being last out of everyone Still at least I got 3 points! Did some good trading, getting myself an Illusions of Grandeur and a Final Fortune.

Round 5
David Brain playing Saproling thing with Coat of Arms
Game 1: I had a good hand, so I kept, and managed to beat him down to 6, courtesy of a Coat of Arms making my elves big. However then he Mutated my Chimeric Idol for 3 3/3s, and then played a Saproling Symbiosis, and beat me down with lots of big Saps.
Game 2: More stupid saps.

At this point I was feeling very sorry for myself. My deck although maybe not optimum, was not bad, and I had made no mistakes in my play. I decide to drop and draft, thinking that I could get some decent rares and maybe win something. I did get a Shivan Wurm, and an Artifact Mutation, and I won the first game of my first match, but a kickered Scuta in the other 2 games quickly finished me off(along with an amazing mana flood of 13 straight lands in the last game-and I was playing 23-17). With my newly acquired Shivan Wurm I set off to do some trading, and managed to secure some good cards, namely 2 Necropotence, a Time Spiral and some others for trading at school. Despite my abysmal performance, I had a superb day, and really enjoyed chatting with people there.

Props: Everyone being so nice, in particular Larry, Tim and Paul(see you in Maldon). The judges were also tres cool and made everything run well. I also got some good trades. Oh Sams new hot tub is pretty sweet too!
Slops: Was held in a pub, and 8 hours in a smokey atmosphere is not nice for non-smokers.

See everyone at the next event hopefully!


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