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Devoted Multiplayer.dec
By Alex Makhovykh
I wonít write a big article today - just wanted to share an idea and let everyone know Iím still alive and well. I promise a new article soon - after all its the March break.

If youíre wondering what happened to the rest of my Planeshift reviews, I found them too time-consuming and generally not worth it. I mean there are dozens that were already made, and theyíre available online right now. Plus what kind of a casual player would I be if I continued to make my picks of Type 2 and limited? There are so many cards I would play casually that donít have much chance in constructed, it pains me.

With that out of the way, I have some new material for you today. Itís a multiplayer deck that Iíve been tweaking for a couple of weeks. I had around 100 different cards to work with while making this deck, and in the beginning I missed some of the very obvious choices. This deck changed a dozen times, and as of right now, Iím very happy with it. I donít actually own many of the cards in this deck, but thanks to Apprentice I was able to do test draws and such.

Hereís the deck:

Devoted Multiplayer.dec

10 Island
3 Swamp
4 Salt Marsh
4 Underground Sea

With eight lands that produce both black and blue mana, it shouldnít be hard for you to get the right-colored lands into play. If you donít have Underground Seas you can replace them with Underground Rivers or a mix of Islands and Swamps. 21 lands work fine in this deck, as it has Opts and Impulses to help fish out more early on.

4 Opt
3 Impulse
1 Vampiric Tutor
1 Demonic Tutor

These are the cards that you will use to find pieces of your combo. Demonic and Vampiric Tutors are all-purpose cards, netting you whatever you need, whenever you need it. Opts and Impulses dig deeper into your library and can be used to get out of nasty land draws. These cards are essential if speed means anything to you (and it should).

3 Wash Out
2 Sunken Hope
2 Evacuation
3 Waterspout Elemental
4 Warped Devotion
4 Unnerve
4 Megrim
2 Sunder

All kinds of synergy here. The most important one in that of Warped Devotion with Wash Out, Sunken Hope, Evacuation, Sunder and Waterspout Elemental. There is also the obvious synergy between Megrim and Unnerve, and Megrim and Warped Devotion. "Devoted Multiplayer.dec" tries to get Warped Devotion into play as soon as possible, keep it there, and then start casting other spells. I guess you could say that I "metagamed" - almost all decks in my group are beatdown decks, or at least the ones that rely on many creatures as victory conditions. This deck has all kinds of stuff to stop creature decks before you even get Warped Devotion out - Evacuation, Sunken Hope, Wash Out and Waterspout Elemental - and things get real nasty when you do. Cards that can provide you a win are the Waterspout Elemental and Megrim. However, if these fail, you can fall back on...

Alternate Victory Condition(1):
1 Feldon's Cane

Not only will Feldonís Cane make sure that youíll be last to run out of cards, it can also be used to reshuffle cards that your opponents destroyed back into the library, allowing you to play those cards again. If your other two methods fail you can win the game by decking everyone.

2 Misdirection
3 Arcane Denial

Not much here. The 5 counterspells are here to protect your combo once it gets going. Misdirection is for the Disenchants that are so popular in my group, and that is the same reason that Arcane Denials are there. Misdirection allows you to prevent your permanents from being directly destroyed and hopefully hitting one of your opponentís as well, but Arcane Denial can be used against cards like Hull Breach and Tranquility. Hardly anyone in my group plays permission, so if youíre in a group that does, find another group... or play your own. Remember, there is Rewind, Forbid, Prohibit, Dismiss, Dissipate, Undermine, Desertion, Miscalculation, Mana Leak, and many more counterspells to aid you.

How this deck plays:

In the first few turns you want to play lands and dig into your library, looking for combo pieces. There are a lot of spells to slow down opponentsí onslaught. Slowly you want to play your permanents, but make sure you have a way to protect them. Then, when the time comes, strike down Evacuation, Wash Out or the dreaded Waterspout Elemental, hopefully crushing most of your opponentsí armies, and getting the rest with Unnerve. Then, as the game goes on, you try to kill everyone with a Megrim or your 3/4 flyer. If that doesnít work, Feldonís Cane will often win you the game.

For a very long time this deck was Blue/Black/White. I had Cloud Cover, Enlightened Tutor, Balance and Replenish from white. If you feel that the Blue/Black/White version will suit you better, by all means use it. Youíll also get access to a bunch of other cool cards like Dromar, Sawtooth Loon, Meddling Mage, Land Tax, Dromarís Charm, Dismantling Blow, etc.

There can be built many variations of this deck. Here are some cards to consider putting in if you want to tune the deck or metagame it against your group:

Recoil, Accumulated Knowledge, Fact or Fiction, Brainstorm, Clone, Blind Seer, Ancestral Knowledge, various artifact mana, Capsize, Cowardice, Flood, Copy Artifact, Trade Routes, Dominate, Distorting Wake, Ophidian, Mahamoti Djinn, Sol Ring, Seerís Vision,Intuition/ Attunement/Frantic Search (if you want to splash white and go the "Replenish" way) Vesuvan Doppleganger, Spite/Malice, Spinal Embrace, Ray of Command, Propaganda, Windfall, Cackling Fiend, and, of course, a solid dose of countermagic available between blue, black and white. Of course Iím missing a lot of cards, so if you feel you can use something in your deck, donít hesitate to try it out.

I hope everyone enjoyed this reading about this deck, and as always all comments are welcome to be posted here or sent to me at

Alex Makhovykh
"I see a great victory and rivers of blood. And . . . hmm, looks like a spleen."
-Grishnak, goblin soothsayer

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