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Five Color in Detroit!
By Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn
Well, the Barcelona season will come to an end with the GP in Detroit at the end of the month.

Many players come out to sealed deck events, because they are not forced with the pressures and hassles surrounding constructed events, and most, like me, enjoy getting the cards to take home at the end of the day.

The GP circuit is getting bigger every year. Every GP I have been able to attend has gotten bigger; from Kansas City in 1999 to Philadelphia (did not play) in 2000 to Boston in 2001. Clearly February on the Eastern part of the country is the ticket as proven by 550+ attending each, Philly and Boston.

However, this Grand Prix event will have something for the casual player, the fun player...the 5 Color player.
Many of the 5 Color players who have been playing for a year or two or more will be attending this GP. It is within 7 hours from Madison, 3 from Chicago, and 6 from Indianapolis, making it the perfect distance for players of all ranges and skill levels to meet some of the great Magic players in the game now.

There are sure to be the high-profile Midwest players in attendance; Bob Maher, Jr., Adrian Sullivan, Jason Moungey, Mike Hron, Dustin Stern, and Brian Kowal. Also, the always-threatening "Houts" will be in attendance.

However, Grand Prix events tempt many players touting high ratings to come and try to win some big money and pad their PT points.

Scott Johns will make a shot at the money after finishing 2nd in GP Boston last weekend, and Matt Vienneau may come from Canada, looking to extend his Top 4 finishes in limited GPs to three.

This weekend should be fun for all, and getting big-name players to sign their signature cards is great fun. Playing in Boston I was lucky enough to play against Brian Kibler, and while I didn't have my Riths with me, I'll be sure to bring them to Detroit. Maybe he can get out of a few classes and show up and beat me this time. :-)

So, for all of those in the area, show up, play some sealed deck, some 5 Color, get in some random drafts, and just have a general great time that players have at Grand Prix!

Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn
Creator of 5 Color Magic
6th GP Boston 2001

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