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The Pro Tour
By David McKenzie
Usually I don't like to comment on the Pro Tour. I think the whole thing can be a bit ridiculous at times. But I know that many Casual Players still like to go to sanctioned events w/ hopes of doing well at a PTQ - or a PT if they do well enough. The recent incident involving Casey McCarrel at PT London made me think about why we even bother:

There was an incident at PT London involving Casey McCarrel accidentally marking his sheet. He accidentally put down a winning record when he actually lost and due to lack of sleep was unaware of it until a judge brought it to his attention. This led to a Disqualification from the PT and a three month suspension from DCI events.

The guy was a vegetable and makes a tiny, easily corrected mistake and gets a THREE MONTHS suspension! Mike Long is caught w/ the critical card of a combo deck on his lap in one of the final rounds of Nationals and he just gets a slap on the wrist.

To make matters worse, McCarrel lost his slot at The MTG Invitational and he was planning on spending the full year playing Magic and giving 100% of his time to the game he loves. Meanwhile, Mike Long got to keep his Invitational slot and went on to win it.

This is anything but fair. Normally I'd be the first to laugh at someone who actually expected to make a living off of playing a card game, but this is a blatant injustice and it needs to be looked into and dealt w/ in a rational, honourable way.

I'm going to write the DCI and ask for Casey McCarrel to be re-instated - and I encourage anyone whose ever gone to a sanctioned event with about 2 hours sleep with hopes of making the Top 8 to join me.

Let's bring some fairness back to the game that we love.

-David "Ferret" McKenzie, CPA

"You failed to shuffle properly - I'm afraid you'll have to be shot!"

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